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Mod 16 Rogue Assassin Builds

demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
edited June 2019 in The Thieves' Den
Hello everyone,

This is for people suffering due to mod 16 changes. Do the following regardless of class and you will be more than ok in mod 16.


1) pig [slot in green companion box]
2) astral deva [blue companion box]
3) redemption [purple box]
4) splinter / dread warrior [summoned companion
5) death slaad [gold box]
6) critical severity companion [gold box]
7) critical severity companion #2 [gold box]

These companion will bolster your health and damage in combat.


Pick mounts that heal you
1) heal on deflection
2) heal on control


1) change your highest offensive enchant for teneberous.

2) change your highest to radiant/wicked/or demonic for hp boost

Weapon enchantment:
Plague fire
Vorpal (top choice)

Do the following and your game play will improve

Armor enchantment:
briartwine (my top choice)
Thunder head
Barkshield (second pick)

Post your results here.
This build works with all classes... all paragons... enjoy

Powers (solo play)
Smoke bomb
Path of the blade
Assassinate / deft strike

At wills
Duelist flurry

Powers (group play for dps)
Deft strike
Lashing blade

Cloud of steel
Duelist flurry

Get 68000 armor pen, critical, accuracy, defense.

Have a minimum of 80k power
Throw in as much combat advantage hit points as you can after that.

Use ring of the curse bringer to stun monsters during pve play when no cc powers are slotted.

Have fun!

Dps combo #1 (solo target)
Deft strike + tab + lashing blade + assassinate

Dps combo #2 (solo target)0
Wicked reminder + tab + lashing blade + assassinate

Dps combo #3 (area effect)
Dazing strike + smoke bomb + path of the blades
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