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BUG: Bear the Weight Quest

tk1888tk1888 Posts: 6Member Arc User
Issue: Aiming circle to throw demonic bombs to destroy the duerger shrines is not visible in play mode, and therefore cannot be executed. Compounding the issue is that if you alt the screen, or open inventory/character/etc, it becomes visible in the dimmed background. Also compounding the issue is that other players are observed to have no issue with this quest.

Attempted: Have dropped and requested quest several times. Have also logged off and exited game several times. These have not resolved the issure.


  • airavis1airavis1 Posts: 8Member Arc User
    I have just about the same problem only no mater what i do i cant see the interaction click to use the bombs. I also cant find the bomb quest item anywhere in my bags. I restarted game and abandoned quest a few times with no luck. I am unable to progress the DLC because of this bug and its vary disturbing to see that only one other person has reported it. This is game breaking.
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