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The original Foundry Sunset Announcement

warrfb#9532 warrfb Member Posts: 19 Arc User
edited March 2019 in The Foundry
I decided to copy this because the announcement was rolled down already, just in case someone didnt read it, and/ or as a warning for players who recently joined, and maybe started a lengthy foundry project. This way this announcement might get a fixed place to stay. Announcement pictures not included.



Greetings Cryptic Fans,

On April 11, we are sad to announce that we will be sunsetting the Foundry system for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. This decision was not made lightly; the Foundry was a passion project for many of us, and we have loved seeing the unique stories and awesome content our Foundry Authors have produced. Developers and players alike have enjoyed using the Foundry and the friends we’ve made and the journeys we’ve had will live on in our memories.

Our team at Cryptic strives to create excellent content and maintain a high standard of quality for our games. However, the legacy knowledge required to maintain the Foundry at our quality standards is no longer available. Our goal is to continue creating top-notch content for our current and upcoming games - and the development time and resources required to maintain the Foundry would impede on these new features and systems. To reiterate, this decision does not impact any other game feature or content development for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Champions Online, or future titles.

We understand this decision impacts our incredibly passionate and creative players. We wanted to thank you all for the incredible amount of work you have shared with us and the entire community through the characters, worlds, and stories you’ve created. We don’t want to leave the contributions of both Foundry authors and enthusiasts unrecognized, so we will be providing the following rewards to our amazing Foundry community. Players who contributed or participated in the Foundry prior to today’s date, March 4th, 2019, will receive the following:

Star Trek Online Rewards

Players who have played one or more Foundry Missions will receive a Foundry Badge for their characters.

Players who have authored a Foundry Mission will receive a Botany Bay non-combat space pet.

Players who have been selected for a Spotlit Mission will receive a Foundry Spotlight, and a Genesis Torpedo Ground Device

Neverwinter Rewards

Players who played 10 or more Foundry missions will receive a Foundry-related title

Players who published 10 or more Foundry missions will receive a cape with the Foundry logo

The Foundry, and the community it bloomed, has been a unique and special aspect of our games that will leave lasting memories for our development teams and players. Please join us Today, March 4, at 3pm PT (when is this for me?) for a livestream tribute to The Foundry and all the incredible contributions you’ve made. Thanks again to all of you who shared a story, and to everyone who took the time to experience them.
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