Envenomed Storyteller's Journal - AP gain power only 1/10 as effective as it should be

nihlocke#5890 Member Posts: 69 Arc User
The new event's Artifact, Envenomed Storyteller's Journal, has many powers that can be unlocked. The last one, Final Chapter, is what made me grind the event in the past days. My ACDC loves firing dailies one after another.

Today I purchased both the Envenomed Storyteller's Journal and the Final Chapter, the one costing 38 coins. I did not buy any other chapters, because I prioritized this one. I refined it to Mythic, used the Final Chapter to unlock the AP gain power of the artifact, and I tried it.

What it should do:
The Final Chapter (1/1) Generates 62 AP every second for 15 seconds.

AKA: you can fire a daily every two seconds. 930 total AP over 15 seconds on Artifact use .

What it actually does: it gives roughly 6,2% AP every seconds, for 15 seconds.

AKA: quite literaly, 1/10 of what it should give. 93% total AP on Artifact use, less than the Sigil of the Devoted.

I always assumed our D20 Action Point Meter gets filled with 100 Action Points. Maybe it actually needs 1000, I can't find any info on it.

Anyway, the Envenomed Storyteller's Journal needs either a x10 buff to its AP gain power to match the tooltip or a clarification on the tooltip itself.
Speaking of which, it also need a clarification on the duration of its +%5 damage power, Tales of Power.