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these changes...

so i have been reading through all of these changes (i was going to say proposed changes but they are going to happen regardless)
now i dont get a lot of time to play, but have managed to get one of each class to 70 and they all range from 8-12.6k il.
now i do have full vip but i dont have huge reserves of AD and certainly no fort knox of gold(probably 3-400 on whole acc). the old proffesions seemed ok to me, but the new one? I cant see anything in it for me. when it goes live its going to take what? a couple of hours to set up? I appreciate all the work done on preview, wish I had time to look.but as I say, wheres the incentive for me to bother. slot machine to use all my gold and AD with cryptics really strange rng?
and then what they did to my main TR!! the class changes in general amaze me. we have 8 classes with 3 trees each=24 ways to play? really there are what 4-5 choices now?
has any one made a brand new char on preview and tried to fund there own way like a brand new player would? can it be done? from what I read no health pots drop, but you can buy them, for gold you get from killing monsters? or does gold drop more readily now, or does anything drop more? same for id scrolls?
as far as feedback goes, how many dev replies have there been? the unpaid bugfixing being done is commendable by the community and is a nice thing to see, would have been ice if it had been rewarded by them actually listening to the concerns and addressing them, but no, its going to happen anyway
not sure what i'm going to do when my vip runs out this time
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