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What happened to the graphics this last patch?

earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 394 Arc User
the whole game has become unplayable.. it was running smoothly before the patch, now it is jerky with annoying latency .. the companion graphics and sparkly trail is also pulsing with the same graphic slow down I was getting for most of the Chult campaign in any inside area like a cave in pirate patrols etc or undercity.

That was bad enough.. now the whole game is acting like this.

Also my machine is seeming to be running much warmer.
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  • earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 394 Arc User
    does anyone else get stuff like this almost every time a new event starts up and often for the whole event?
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  • earlgreybeardearlgreybeard Member Posts: 394 Arc User
    edited October 2018
    drakkon5 said:

    Actually after this patch my game is running smoothly and now i've just upgraded the quality on Graphics tab, now i'm able to fully use the whole potential of my GTX-960

    btw you can try and update your drivers and PC! maybe something is out of date!

    Thanks for the suggestion there ,I am in the process of doing a clean install of the 391.35 NVIDA drivers for my card.. will see how that goes.

    update/edit: that certainly helped that jerkiness.. all other lag in certain areas due to more likely connection speed than anything else which is pretty normal.

    I should of thought of drivers as patches are always working the latest releases.

    thanks again !
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  • drakkon5drakkon5 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 43 Arc User
    YW! BTW I have the same issues as you, every time a new event is coming, after patch I'm like 80% sure that I'll be lagging during the whole Event! so I'm always trying to Update my drivers (NVIDIA) and Updates for Windows 10 Pro + During Events I'm using the US Proxy so no lag and low ping so I'm happy now because of that! the thing is, if the server disconnected you, you have to exit from game and start the launcher again! there's this annoying Bug that Cryptic's Security will think that you're not the same Player because of the Proxy! Glad to Help! OK! I'm Out!
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