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Recruiting: Heroes of the Bard's Tale

Heroes of the Bard's Tale is currently recruiting players of all levels, whether they be active or casual. We're a small guild with about five active players. We are looking for new members who are willing to contribute as they're able and help the guild grow, with the understanding that we'll get the guild boons built up together. We are currently a level 8 guild, and we will be level 9 on the afternoon of 20 Oct, US Central time.

What You Get
* An active, friendly, helpful alliance, as we're part of the Noble Misfits alliance
* A dedicated, helpful guild leader and his real-life second-in-command (Well, she's the boss in real life. I'm just the boss in-game! :D)
* An opportunity to help build the guild
* New friendships
* Help and advice from knowledgeable, experienced players in achieving your character development goals

What We Ask
* Log on regularly, even if not frequently
* Do what you can to contribute to the guild's growth and prosperity (1)
* Participate in alliance chat and events when you're able
* Be courteous and respectful
* Participate in quests and dungeons to the fullest extent. (2)

(1) For example, do the Support quests from the Master of Coin when you're running your weekly Sharandar/Dread Ring/IWD/WoD quests. We know it's only 10 Adventurer shards per quest, but it all adds up quickly when we're all doing this.

(2) Do not AFK in a quest, such as Illusionist's Gambit, simply because you do not want to be there anymore. If you do and you get called out on this, don't be indignant or defensive. Always contribute to the success of the party in whatever way you're able.

As the guild leader, I put a lot of effort into generating resources for the guild. Between my and my wife's accounts, we currently have the coffer full or nearly full on Labor, Astral Diamonds, Gems, Gold, and Surplus Equipment. In addition to that, we have already stockpiled 6k gold and over 200k gems and surplus equipment each in anticipation of the coming professions changes. We've built a level 4 warehouse to increase our coffer size, as well, and I tend to prioritize upgrading our production structures whenever possible. We have a level 1 Wizard's Workshop (built by my predecessor) and I'm planning to build (and level) the Stable when we reach level 10.

I haven't yet set up a website for the guild. So if you're interested in joining, send a tell to @nunya#5309 or @tavian#6594 in-game. If we aren't online, anyone in the guild is able to invite you, as well. Looking forward to questing with you!


  • nunya#5309 nunya Member Posts: 933 Arc User
    Update, 22 Oct: We are now level 9! The Stable is next to be built. Once built, we'll upgrade it to level 4, and then move on to upgrading the guild hall to level 10.
  • nunya#5309 nunya Member Posts: 933 Arc User
    We reached Guild Level 10 yesterday afternoon (30 Nov), and we are currently upgrading to Guild Level 11! The new professions system forced me to change the build order, unfortunately. While I personally have 7700+ gold, 800k+ surplus equipment, and 400k+ gems in crates in the bank, I had to change focus to resource generation (wood, stone, metal) in order to make sure we don't run out of gold or gems and be left with no easy (read: inexpensive) means of replenishing them.

    All we really need now are players willing to help contribute shards of power and campaign currencies to supercharge our growth! We'll be focusing on leveling two boon structures up to rank 6 once we reach level 12, and the third one at level 13. One will be the Stable, while the other two are yet to be decided upon. I'm inclined to build the Barracks and Explorer's Guild, which will mean demolishing the Wizard Workshop. Though what the next boon structures will be depend on what members want. That could include you! Join us, help us grow, and have a voice in the guild's direction!
  • nunya#5309 nunya Member Posts: 933 Arc User
    We reached Guild Level 11 yesterday afternoon (10 Dec)! Masonry Guild has been built. Farm and Quarry are now rank 5, and the Milling Yard is rank 3. We're growing and have a number of new members! We still have room for you, though! You're already a hero. Why not join us and have the bard's tale include your exploits, too?
  • nunya#5309 nunya Member Posts: 933 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    We've got a level 5 Stable, the Barracks has been built (and is currently level 1), and we're working toward getting the Barracks to level 5 asap! We should have the Marketplace to level 5 in a couple of weeks. So the Stronghold is becoming a more useful and welcoming place for members. We still have a place for you! Why not check us out in-game? We look forward to running some quests with you and getting to know you!
  • plagueiisplagueiis Member Posts: 2 New User
    I am interested in joining. I am new player looking for a home.
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