Flame Sprite Bundle and Action Point Gain on companions

nihlocke#5890 Member Posts: 69 Arc User
Today I was browsing the Zen Market, and I came across the Flame Sprite Bundle. It contains an Epic Flame Sprite, companion gear, Bondings and a few experience codex, enough to get the Sprite ready to go.

But then, I looked at the companion gear coming with the bundle. Specifically:

Choker of Legerdemain: Neck, Companion Only, +370 Power, +222 Action Point Gain
Fey Signet: Ring, Companion Only, +370 Power, +222 Acrion Point Gain

These two are tagged as "Companion Only", but they feature Action Point Gain. As far as I know, Action Point Gain doesn't even show up in the companion stats, and it's the first time I've ever seen companion gear featuring AP Gain.

Does it mean that we can now transfer AP Gain stats, and presumably Stamina Gain stat, from our companions? As in, we can put 3 AP gain jewels on our companion gear, getting all that sweet AP gain without having to rely on Artifacts that feature it?


  • mebengalsfan#9264
    mebengalsfan#9264 Member Posts: 3,169 Arc User
    I wondered that as well. I know Regeneration works but it would be nice if we could have Action Point instead.