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Feedback from a newish player (6 weeks) and why I find GWF and OP the most fun to play

warlawk#8339 warlawk Member Posts: 6 Arc User
edited October 2018 in Player Feedback (PC)
So I'm pretty new to the game and I've been on medical leave from work so I've played entirely too much in that time. I've gotten TR, GF and CW to 55+ and all others at 70. GWF and OP are far and away the most fun for me to play, but it may not be for the reasons people think. There seems to be a fair bit of negativity attached to GWF at least both in game and on the forums so here comes the ugly truth:

I enjoy these two classes the most because when playing them I spend less time bouncing around like a gods damned pinball.

GWF obviously has high up time on Unstoppable and OP has on demand resist/immunity to CC when raising their shield. Red markers on the ground are great and all, but there are a pretty fair number of attacks with no windup (Dino tail swipes, I'm looking at you) and a lot of situations where there are simply so many red areas that you cannot avoid them all.

It's good to have dangerous things you need to react to in combat but toning down the number of them that force loss of control of my character would be great. Perhaps high damage initially with an escalation to hard CC if you stand in the area for more than just a moment.
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