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Campaign Completion Tokens

Is it by design that once you use one of these then you are no longer allowed to buy the same one again?

Cos if so I'd quite like to know the reason why.

These are freely tradeable commodities on the AH. But I can't enter that market... cheers... that's another AD source gone.

I also used to use them as Guild Rewards but now that all my toons have finished most of the purchaseable packs I'm scuppered.

They're also quite expensive, so its often the case that you'd want to use a voucher to buy one. A voucher that the character wanting the Pack might struggle to drop that another character might drop, but already have used the required campaign completion pack and therefore be unable to buy it and transfer it.

Given multiple character accounts have been Royally stuffed by the RAD cap, is this just another middle finger to the concept of investing in extra character slots?

Please make them available to everyone...


  • cscriv79cscriv79 Member Posts: 397 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    Buy them on an alt that has not completed the campaigns and transfer them over?

    I am neither here nor there, for I am NevrCene

    NevrCene: TR
    Melisandre: SW
    Brienne: GWF

    Guild : Mystic Dawn (GH20)
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,589 Arc User
    cscriv79 said:

    Buy them on an alt that has not completed the campaigns and transfer them over?

    Gosh, why didn't I think of that...

    Did you read all of the post above? The bit in particular about using discount vouchers?

    Besides, how could your suggestion even begin to help a player who has completed a Campaign on all characters who wants to buy and trade them on the AH?
    Or, as I mentioned, use them as Guild rewards?

    Why not simply remove the code that removes them from a characters Zen market options?

    I understand if it's something like a full account wide mount that you can't trade, but if its something that can be sold on the AH, it should be available to everyone to buy.
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