Last Ravenloft Boon

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The first three Ravenloft boons are OKish. I'm mostly looking at the Recovery boons and the DMG% against Undead boons, since the others don't really look too appealing to me, except maybe the HP one for OPs.
But then, there's the last ones. Here they are, shamelessly copy pasted:

Blood Lust: Every critical hit against an enemy has a chance to add a stack. At 10 stacks, gain 2,400 increased power for 10 seconds. Buff can only be applied once every 60 seconds.

Transfusion: Healing another player for 10% of their max hits points gives a chance of applying a heal over time that will heal 5% of their max hitpoints every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Hypnotic Gaze: Anytime you use a control power on an enemy you have a chance to increase the combat advantage damage of nearby allies by 5% for 10 seconds. Can only happen once every 60 seconds.

Righteous Sacrifice: Taking 10% or more of your max health in damage grants nearby allies 800 Power for 5 seconds. Stacks a maximum of 5 times.

So what should we DCs pursuit?

Blood Lust really looks underwhelming. Unless those 2400 power count towards base power or something, it really isn't much. Not too excited about this, not even for my dps characters.

Righteous Sacrifice is a whole 4000 power for the party, but you gotta get smacked in the face regularly, so it probably is more suited for tanks. Out of all of these boons, this one is the best in my opinion (only for the tanks of course).

The HoT granted by Transfusion, which might synergize with a few of our abilities, could be ok. Nothing game changing, but maybe we could get a few Repurpose Soul, Cleanse and Gift of Haste procs out of it.

The Hypnotic Gaze boon is a support version of Blood Lust if you ask me. 10 seconds out of 60 of uptime. Basically like a Tirannosaurus Rex'Em lite, which is not bad. We'd have to know what is considered a control power according to this boon, though. I don't know if the powers DCs usually use can proc this boon. If they do, this could be a good choice for us.

I'll probably pick either Transfusion or Hypnotic Gaze, depending on what procs Hypnotic Gaze. Righteous Sacrifice is useless, since it should be taken by tanks and they should cap the stacks by themselves. Blood Lust doesn't look good enough to me, and it also has ramp up time which means it can't be reliably used to make a buff window like Hypnotic Gaze (maybe) could.

What is your opinion about these boons? What are you planning to get and why?


  • pitshade
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    Probably Transfusion. It at least doesn't list an ICD and may be useful to some degree in CR and future content.

    Hypnotic Gaze would need to be tested but I don't run any powers likely to proc it in groups. Maybe Flame Strike would but I don't slot that normally outside of dailies.

    All of them are underwhelming, tbh.
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  • nihlocke#5890
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    Speaking of Hynotic Gaze, I can think of a couple powers that could proc it: Break the Spirit and Forgemaster's Flame. Maybe Chains too, but mainly BTS and FF. Anybody with this boon yet?