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Infernal Alliance is looking for 1 gauntlet guild to join us!

zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User

The Infernal Alliance is looking for a guild to join our alliance! We welcome guilds of all sizes!

An alliance forged with neither treaties nor prestige, an alliance of friendship and camaraderie. If that’s what you have been searching for, we are what you seek!

Infernal Paragons has always been the home to a tight knit group of players who treats our guild more like a family. Infernal Paragons is a long-establish guild, dating back to the Beta Testing days. We formed on July 2013. Also our Stronghold is Level 20 with rank 10 boons. We are an International alliance and a Gauntlet of any nationality will be considered.

In this alliance, we are NOT setting our eyes on reaching the highest alliance level for the bonus, unlike many other alliances. Instead, we are forming it to create an enjoyable and friendly environment where players can come together to help each other and just have fun, while continuing to hone our skills and become stronger not only individually but also as a whole.


Currently, we are looking for a guild to fill out the position of Gauntlet.

All guilds in this alliance will be equal. They will have a voice and a vote for any decisions directly affecting the alliance. We simply ask that you follow the General Rules and Code of Conduct that The Infernal Alliance is built on. Moreover, there will be no mandatory donations required from any guilds.

Other than the CoC and General Rules stated here which are Alliance-wide, each guild retain their own policies and will be run as they do prior joining the Alliance.

If you are interested to join and want to know more, please send a message to me or any of these officers ( @camicatso, ) OR reply below with your guild’s name, guild hall’s rank, total active players and a bit about your guild.

We currently have 1 spot for a Gauntlet! Please contact any of our officers (Rank 6-7) for more information if you seek to join!

Helm (Alpha): Infernal Paragons Alliance Level 208

Sword (Beta): Order of the Six GH 20
Gauntlet (Gamma): Neverwinter Revolution GH 18
Gauntlet (Gamma): Escuadron 69 GH 20
Gauntlet (Gamma): Spectral Knights GH20

Sword (Beta): The Hard One GH 13
Gauntlet (Gamma): Ascending Immortals GH 18
Gauntlet (Gamma): And the Imaginary Friends GH 20
Gauntlet (Gamma): ?????????

Sword (Beta): Simian Kinetics GH 18
Gauntlet (Gamma): True Dragon Blood GH 20
Gauntlet (Gamma): Finland GH20
Gauntlet (Gamma): Nocturnal Indiscretions GH 20
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  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    Code of Conduct

    1. Respect all members and officers/leaders of the Alliance. Any form of personal attacks, harassment or discrimination of any sort (Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gear-wise etc.) will NOT BE TOLERATED. Disregarding this policy repeatedly after warnings will result in a kick from your current guild. If multiple players from the same guild engage in this activity, the offenders guild will be removed from the Alliance.

    2. Any guild issues must remain in the respective Guildchat. The alliance chat is meant to communicate and have fun together. No need to include everyone in your own affairs.

    3. Making groups for content will not be dependant on iLvL, everyone should be welcomed into the group, as long as they meet the minimum requirement to enter the content.

    4. Inter-guild DragonFlight/Marauders: Never call inside another guilds Stronghold. If you are invited to participate, you must follow their rules. Priority will be given to the guild members of the Host guild. Any available slots will be filled after.

    5. If you have any issue with a certain member of another guild bring it up to one of your officers/leaders and they will contact the other guilds leader to resolve any problems.

    6. Please respect other guilds privacy. Only visit another guilds stronghold if you are invited and leave when you are asked to.

    7. Do not use Alliance chat to spam. This includes spamming for selling/trading.
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    A quick note; If you don't happen to have a entire guild in your back pocket that needs a good friendly drama free alliance, you're in luck because we are also looking for individual players to join Infernal Paragons. Our current item level requirement for all classes is 12k TIL. You do not need to be "BIS" to join us. All we require is for you to be active and friendly while contributing to the growth of the guild.

    So whether you need an alliance for your guild or your main char needs a new home, the Infernal Alliance or Infernal Paragons could be the place for you! B)B)<3B)
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    Heya all, We're still looking for one guild to fill our last gauntlet position, It could be yours if you'd like a fun friendly drama free alliance. Come to your new home! <3B)<3
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    So we've got just one last final single solitary sole Gauntlet position spot left to fill for a friendly and active guild. It's probably you we're looking for. Send us a tell in game (after the all day maint of course lol) or drop us a line here and we'll get right back to ya!

    Contact either of our R7's ( @camicatso, @eolee ) or contact me @zactor
    See ya in-game!
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    edited March 2020
    All our spots have been filled, thanks everyone!
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  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    We're currently looking for 1 guild to join our alliance! Contact us today. B)B)B)
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    we now have room for a Gauntlet guild to fill a vacancy. Send a PM if interesting!
  • zactorzactor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 57 Arc User
    Hey everyone, we have one spot available in the Infernal Alliance. We have an active alliance with many friendly and fun players to hang out with. No drama no elitism everyone is welcome at the Infernal Alliance. drop us a line or contact an officer in game. Thanks! B)
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