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PvP Build Mod 14 Ravenloft!

iimrmonkeyii#3625 iimrmonkeyii Member Posts: 131 Arc User
edited July 2018 in The Thieves' Den
Hey fellow TRs!

This is a PvP build that I was messing around with. It is pretty powerful actually.

The main strengths of this build are the piercing damage, prolonged invisibility, AP gain, and "free" damage. This means that you will have an easier time surviving, dealing damage, and helping your team win!

This build will work good, even at low IL. If you are lacking IL, instead of stacking some Armor Penetration, just go for full Recovery and Power. Having some Armor Penetration is really just a luxury with this build. There are tips spread out throughout the video, so make sure to pause and read the annotations!

I hope this helps some of you. I have seen countless requests for a TR PvP build on the forum, and in Discord. I hope this can offer some of you a build that functions well at low IL.



  • guille23mxguille23mx Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 336 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Armor Enchantment?
    Class Features(why InfiltratorsAction on Offhand?? when you use InvisilbleInfil+OppresiveDarkness)
    Total Investment(Time&Money Costs) ?(Metalic Dragonborn+Ranks12&14+2 legendarys Mounts+Mane of the Manticore)
    Whats exactly so special about your build...?
    Everyone knows that if you focus a TR on getting
    High Recovery,ArmorPen, & Power, those conbined will yield the TR with a lot of AP to spam dailys(the most annoyinng being Courage Breaker)... that conbined with the TR Feats like Imposible to catch & being SAB you will be hard to kill ,easy to stealth and PVP will be easy mode.
    High Armor Pen& Power guarantees you can kill all tanks,let me get this straigth:
    Metallic Dragonborn TR with increased HP for Mane, 2 Legendary Mounts for HighArmpen+HighRecov+Ranks 14+SAB-TR.
    As i understand you builded around Mane+HighStats in Stealth.
    Will pretty much like to know, how is this build any special or better than other than High Stats TR?(no offense)
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  • iimrmonkeyii#3625 iimrmonkeyii Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    Hey @guille23mx

    I realize this is a really old post. I don't like the idea of not responding to someone's questions. I sincerely apologize for missing this post of yours. I did not receive a notification, and I didn't check back here. This build is not something you want to use in Mod 15 (for a number of reasons). I would not recommend using this build in Mod 15. I will be making a new build video shortly after the release. I will still be Sabo for Mod 15, but I will be adjusting some things. Most importantly though, this change makes this build a bad idea for Mod 15 PvP.

    One with the Shadows: Every 15 seconds, you gain the "One with the Shadows" effect. This causes your next encounter power to refill your Stealth meter. For 15 seconds afterwards, your damage is increased by 30%

    Additionally, this was adjusted to 40% ^ apparently. There are other reasons why this build is no longer viable but I don't want to type all that out.

    However, I will answer your specific questions and the general question regarding why this build was good or "special" for Mod 14.

    1.) Armor Enchantment is Elven. There is nothing better for a TR. It is 100% superior to others for many reasons.

    2.) Off-hand bonus: Both Invisible Infiltrator and Oppressive Darkness have horrible off-hand bonuses. I was using Infiltrator's Action for awhile (with the bonus) and never changed the off-hand bonus afterwards. There is no need to do so. In fact, I was worried that the Oppressive Darkness bonus will build the new "CC-immunity" stacks on enemies. I avoided it purposefully because I had never tested that.

    3.) High Recovery, Armor Penetration, and Power is very powerful on a TR. What makes this build "special" is basically the additional AP gain, utility against other TRs spamming BB, and additional stealth (because Sabo does not have the mechanic from SoD that negates stealth loss from incoming damage) from Bait and Switch.

    4.) The Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn Race is not necessary. I also did not use it for Mane, specifically. The added HP for Mane is nice, but it also increases AoC damage from OPs, increases durability, and has some weird synergy with any power sharing might be going on. That being said, I used this race because I already had it. Human is also an excellent choice.

    5.) What made this build "better" than a regular "high-stats" Exe standard build are a few things. This is not to say that Exe was bad for Mod 14.

    a.) The TR is already a durable class. This just takes that idea a little bit further with the added stealth/attacking from behind the bait/extra AP gain.
    b.) The consistent "full-piercing" damage (from Sabo) is much better for fighting tankier enemies. It also is basically just as good against the squishy people (as Exe). Basically the only people that can survive this build in a 1v1 encounter are those pesky "Shield-Striker 0-0-0-0s" and really good DCs that can self-heal/dodge well.
    c.) It is basically cheating against an Exe TR. Exe TRs need to be able to do damage during the window of opportunity. This build will consistently deal good damage. Also, the biggest "cheat" is that 99% of incoming BBs (from the enemy TR) are going to be rendered useless by the Bait and Switch. BB is really the main source of a TR's damage in Mod 14. When you take that away, they are basically harmless.
    d.) This build is also significantly better at "non-BIS" levels of progression. The extra AP gain from Bait and Switch and the piercing damage from Sabo is basically free. At low levels of Recovery/Power/Armor Penetration, those features of this build are seriously powerful, compared to an "equal" Exe build.
  • timesvolenttimesvolent Member Posts: 32 Arc User
    Just came back after years away. I love pvp and just chose Blademaster. Can you please point me in the direction of some good spec/build advice, i am so lost atm.
  • trgluestickztrgluestickz Member Posts: 1,117 Arc User
    edited December 2019

    Just came back after years away. I love pvp and just chose Blademaster. Can you please point me in the direction of some good spec/build advice, i am so lost atm.

    I don't know my barbarian builds well but seeing as you are in the rogue section, here is a thread that has my mod 17 PVP rogue build guide; there 2 posts below that with updates to that build:


    Here are links to the barbarian and rogue discord servers too:


    Here are links to the PVP discord servers:

    PVP Rogue,
    --[----- "Your friendly neighborhood spawn of Satan." -----]--
    Main Character: Hurricane Marigolds (Rogue WK & Assassin)
    Ingame Handle: trgluestickz
    Discord Name: Hurricane🌀Marigolds#2563
    Guilds: She Looked LVL 18 & Essence of Aggression
    Alliances: Imperium & Order of the Silent Shroud
    Platform: PC
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