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Sunsword in Castle Ravenloft Strahd fight

manipulosmanipulos Member Posts: 235 Arc User
I ran Castle Ravenloft for the first time last night. It seemed almost pointless for me to use the sunsword because I'm missing so many self buffs. No ITF+KC+GW combo on top of being much harder to get and keep stacks of SWW and reckless attacker makes me think we're better off with another dps using the sunsword maybe. Can you even trigger Survivor's Wraps when holding the sword? I didn't even thing to check that last night...

Is there a general idea yet as to which classes are best to use the sunsword?


  • grimahgrimah Member Posts: 1,658 Arc User
    From my experience, I find that whoever can dodge (cw, tr, hr) is best using the sword as they can avoid damage which lowers the charge. If your a GF not running KV, then sure taking the sword as GF doesn't really effect the party much so it's a viable pick for the sword if no others are up to the task.
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  • cilginordekcilginordek Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    Survivors Wraps does trigger trough sword daily, but you don't want to use it prematurely. I've done the main dps with sword thing before, and we don't perform any worse than some other dps classes, but compared to GWF there isn't much point as you said.
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