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Storm King's Thunder (Mod 10b) weapons as transmutes.

so I refined my relic set, as it was obsolete, can you please make it possible to add them back as transmutes or put them in the storm king's thunder store along with the other stuff that was recently changed or make the weekly quest able to open the chest if you don't have them. It's one of the most unique transmutes for GWF that we sadly can't obtain.


  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,529 Arc User
    Yea I mean many even got rid of the Weapons they previously had cause farming reagents used to be so crazy intensive. Yet many would love to earn the unrestored or restored if they could use them as a Transmute for sure.
  • jayjay#5355 jayjay Member Posts: 23 Arc User

    This should of been a thing ages ago.
  • demolitioninc#2453 demolitioninc Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    I would love that. The relic set is great looking for most classes. Its one of the best looking for GWF and OP for sure. You don't have many shields in game that actually are big enough for a full size dragonborn.
    Please bring them back in the store as transmutes.
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  • dizentegrator#5320 dizentegrator Member Posts: 1 New User
    It would be nice to see that kind of changes.
  • wickedduck22#9795 wickedduck22 Member Posts: 100 Arc User
    It's probably the only set that is not reobtainable, like come on even golden dragon weapons are available.
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