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Graphics Problem and my solution

ragnarz2ragnarz2 Member Posts: 208 Arc User
Last week after the patch I started experiencing a graphics bug where i would lose particles and quest path. I tried changing drivers. Purging and replacing drivers. Very frustrating. Then I noticed it happened only on 1 char. A char with a particular weapon that had just been upgraded to unparalleled. The Thayan GS u get from the underdark. Long story short, I replaced the cosmetic with a Sharandar GS and voila problem gone.

Aside from the fact that it only happened on GWF the second clue was that the thayan GS when not being used ran through the character model thigh. I guessed (shot in the dark really) that some combination of the new ench particles and the position it broke in the body model was root cause. This seems to indicate a level of fragility in the rendering system that was unanticipated.


  • hustin1hustin1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,318 Arc User
    For the past couple of days, my frame rate has been atrocious. Turning everything off in the graphics tab resulted in only a minimal improvement. One thing I noticed is that the game does not appear to be fully utilizing all of my resources -- my laptop has 32 Gb of RAM, for instance. I couldn't tell how much graphics memory it was using, though. My graphics card is an NVidia Quadro K5100M, and I'm running Win7 64-bit. Were there any recent changes to the game's graphics subsystem?
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