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Suggestion: Removed collection - option to get titles

szerevaxszerevax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 31 Arc User
Before module 6 there were a few collection that give a title to player who get them.
(writing from HR perspective, other classes should have these same titles or their equivalents)
title - set
"Master Predator" - Collect the Master Predator set.
"Grim Predator" - Collect one of the three Grim PvP sets.
"Profound Archer's Armor" - Profound Stalker

"Scourge of the Dread Legion" - Dread Legion Equipment
"Iliyanbruen Defender" - Fabled Iliyanbruen Equipment
"Royal Guard" - Royal Guard Armor
"Grand Warden" - Grand Warden Armor
"Forest Lord" - Forest Lord Armor
"of the Drake" - Drake Seal Equipment
"Glade Stalker" - Glade Stalker Armor
"High Sentry" - High Sentry Armor
"Forest Warden" - Forest Warden Armor
"of the Unicorn" - Unicorn Seal Equipment

After module 6, these equipment collections have been removed from the game and players are not able to get these titles. Can you add options to the adventurer and protector seal vendor, campaign(sharandar and dread ring or maze engine store), and pvp Gauntlgrym Relic vendor to buy these title for combination of seals or campaign currency(pve titles) and grym coin/glory(pvp titles) to player who don't have these titles?
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