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GF Jagged Blades, Other Powers and Block STILL not working correctly as of MOD 13

theguiidotheguiido Posts: 467Member Arc User
edited May 2018 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
Days of testing concluded that Jagged Blades is a tiny bit more reliable, but still not working as it should. Daily Powers especially when crit rarely induce Jagged Blades. Overall with Atwills, and Encounters it isn't as reliable as it should and Jagged Blades the feat needs to be looked at and corrected so that whenever you crit the bleed happens.

More testing found that the Atwill Threatening Rush is not working correctly either. It is Applying Crushing Pin to targets, and giving free CC stacks in PvP so the GF cannot follow up with another CC. Additionally, the mark effect on the Atwill is inconsistant and isn't working like it should. It sometimes procs, and sometimes shows up momentarily and then fades away. You hear the mark noise, but no debuff or visual.

Steel Defence is also having issues with the time it takes to proc. There seems to be some sort of latency issue as it takes a few ms to kick in. Doesn't seem right and has costed me various deaths in PvE.

Lastly, the biggest and most annoying thing experianced so far this mod, The Guard Mechanic is still broken. Very often when I shield up it kicks back down forcing my to press LS multiple time to kick in. This happens during brutal PvP fights or when a lot of action is going on at once. But it even happens during times where i'm simply doing dailies and I made sure I blocked. This issue was supposed to be fixed in 12.5-13, but has not.
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