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Chult Sahha ball unable to be collected

The sahha ball located at -902,1266 in Soshenstar River cannot be collected. The ball has the effect on it to show that it can be picked up but the ability to pick it up is not available.


  • vladdracula777vladdracula777 Posts: 7Member Arc User
    there is a specific sahha ball that I cannot interact with so I cannot get the achievement Jungle sahha
    I have taken a screenshot of the ball that I cannot interact with.
    I have tried defeating myself, logging in and out and other characters but I still cannot interact with it.
    Is there a bug or glitch in the game?
  • neverburnaclown#3112 neverburnaclown Posts: 158Member Arc User
    edited May 2018
    Same issue, xbox one checked with multiple characters. Prevents achievement unlock.
  • ladycynide#6154 ladycynide Posts: 3Member Arc User
    I literally just came here to write this same report. Lol Glad someone else posted it.
  • jconnorw#5602 jconnorw Posts: 2Member Arc User
    edited June 2018
    I have the same issue. Also the nearby scrying stone is missing or covered by debris.
  • fearcreepyfearcreepy Posts: 4Member Arc User
    Today's update has fix both Sahha Ball and scrying in that area.

    Scrying can be found here (-910, 1081) - This is fix

    Thanks Neverwinter
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