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Nikostratos Guild

Nikostratos is an active, fun loving and a low profile guild founded on 13th of May, 2013. Its name derived from the Greek word which means "Victorious Army". It is one of the known guild since OBT from Dragon server prior to merger which continues to exist and fortify its name to end.
We have started as a PVE guild and slowly transitioned into a PVP oriented one. We are fond of doing dungeon raids and PVP. Our guild focuses on getting better as we function as a group as well as improving each other individually, especially in this new season of STRONGHOLD. As a group, we've always been passionate about playing the game, help and share each other and treated alike as a family.

We are made up of amazing and bubbly players mostly from ASIA and to some parts of America and Europe. We do away with too much competition and alter it with lots of thrill and enjoyment!

Above all, we support good, clean, legit gaming and discourage any kinds of cheat, exploit/hack which alter the balance of the game.

We pursue the Guild's Core Values - CHERISH!
C-amaraderie, supports the spirit of brotherhood --No bully! No hate, just love..
H-onesty, is the best policy
E-quality, being even and fair
R-espect, considering one's opinion
I -ntegrity, as a whole unit, as a family --No dual guild belonging!
S-turdy, a strongly built force --Never back out and give up on action.
H-umility, be humble as always --No trashtalk and can't be racist!

Changes 2018

It has been 2 years now since we built an allegiance to the Alliance of Essence of Aggression under the control of its founder and previous Leaderships. Nikostratos was an active PVP guild and its leaders/members were close tied with the EoAs when at the time of PVP/Stronghold Siege was at on its peak. . The EoA alliance was then known for its prowess in PVP premades. But after of several mods later, there is no denying that a lot has changed and the game went to PVE centered. Pvp was overlooked, and the Pvp community was declining. Some players left and shifted guilds, became inactive, have quitted, and were banned from the game; thus brought impact to the state of each guild resulting to unsettlement and collapse of the alliance. Several guilds have been pulling out one by one from the alliance for their respective reasons but mainly including of transferring to a bigger/active alliance, mysterious merchants, dispute among members and languages.
Since then, the EoA, Legende Obscure, Quixaltic and other former allied guilds have been part to the structures and donations of our stronghold until to reach level 20. In addition to, the pioneer and old members (who belonged to the Rank 5,6,7) of Nikostratos have been the biggest contributors for the construction of Stronghold and upholding the Guild may up to present. Our guild is becoming active and growing again from the recent new players and newly recruits.
Our ties with the EoA alliances is remarkable. However, our guild is more committed to its members, to their needs and demands. Few of the members of the guild opened up of joining another alliance, and suggested Holy Crusaders Alliance.

Social Medias and Websites
also handles
Neverwinter Pilipinas Facebook Page
LEVEL 20 level
Founded 5/13/2013
Alliance Position: Sword Guild


60% of it is Filipinos both in Philippines and Abroad
30% Turkish, Vietnamese and Americans

+8 UTC

Current Active Guild Leader:

Dairy Queen/ .Krel. = Margeline
Miss Pepper/ FurioushoneyBadger = Charry


  • jonos1jonos1 Posts: 1Member New User
    Is this guild still active? I'm a Filipino and I am wanting to try this game but I am not sure which server to go on and what things to do since I am fairly new and don't have any idea about the game.
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