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Sharandar Quests Out of Sync

jizzu#6891 jizzu Member Posts: 82 Arc User
for last few weeks i have noticed that sharandar quests are getting out of sync.
the first few runs on a new char are fine; i will return to redo quests and am only able to pick up 2 quests instead of 3, the 3rd quest giver is not showing anything. this means it is taking me a third longer to complete.
anyone else having this issue?


  • ilithynilithyn Member Posts: 452 Arc User
    While I haven't had this or seen it happen I have noticed something since my return to the game a couple of weeks back that might be either causing it or be related, namely that some zones seems to have two daily resets. I noticed this in Dread Ring first, but something similar is happening in Sharandar.
    First of all we have daily reset of quests which for me happens at 11am, this is when you can grab a new set of daily quest. Only these quests are the exact same that was available before 11am, new quests - that is as in other quests - resets sometime in the afternoon at the same time as the daily instance you get from Knox in Dread Ring resets. While Sharandar has no such daily instance the same thing happens here.
    So technically I can now do two sets of dailies. The lot I get just after daily reset at 11am and then another set after what I suppose we could call zone reset or quest reset sometime late in the afternoon (again, my time).

    It was not this way before I went on hiatus back in early October I would swear to that, but I have no idea if this is an intentional change (though in that case why?) or if it's been effed up somehow and in that case where and how.
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  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,495 Arc User
    They broke the calendar a while ago.
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