Is it just me, or am I doing more damage?



  • litaaers
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    r000kie said:

    My CW seems much weaker now, about 13k.

    What Weapon Enchant are you using?

  • pterias
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    CWs *were* in a state of getting buffed a month ago, but things changed rather dramatically shortly after that when they nerfed Storm Spell's base damage by 30%. Even then I didn't realize the problem until I did tests and realized the proc rate of SS had dropped upwards of 30% too. If you took SS from Mod 12b and allowed it to crit, the damage would be really good! However, the proc rate was much lower on preview, then they dropped it's damage too, causing it to be double-nerfed. The total effect of all this is that Storm Spell's overall damage output was cut in half, but can now crit. If you were using the SS offhand feature, the cut was even worse. That leaves only a few corner cases of BIS crit% and severity that can, in theory, match or somewhat exceed the previous performance of Storm Spell.
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    It makes me wonder if I should respec or wait a little to see if they do an adjustment to the nerf. :/