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Risk Vs Reward of the Righteous PVP Cleric

toporoktoporok Member Posts: 27 Arc User
Right now in Mod 12b there is no reward for being a righteous Cleric, its all risk, our damage is laughable and survivability is a joke thanks to the astral shield, healing depression nerfs. Every class now has the ability to do massive damage in pvp except the cleric. Its so bad that I made a faithful cleric that has a better K/D ratio. I have tried multiple specs along with using every power nothing changes. Clerics are a walking target dummy to most classes.

Solutions? , increase all powers in pvp? Remove the delay and increase radius on daunting light in pvp? Make Geas our highest damaging spell in pvp?

Mod 13 looks as bleak with a break the spirit nerf, but hey chains now immobilizes the target YAY.

BTW I am a 15.7k with 3/4 strategist pieces. I starting playing pvp in neverwinter when it came out for xbox during mod 5, these are my pvp stats
200k health
30k base power
9k base armor pen
9k base crit


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    icexnineicexnine Member Posts: 66 Arc User
    its not that bad dude. you just need to have a decent team that can make use of the buffs and not die in 1 hit, but these goddamn pugs i get when im on my dc (actually, pugs i get in general) are just pathetic. Worst part is they keep queuing up over n over n over again after getting beat down game after game after game.

    I'll gladly take some buffs tho. can we get a bull charge maybe? I'll also take a smokebomb if possible.
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    jazzfongjazzfong Member Posts: 1,079 Arc User
    The moment u chose to main a DC you should know you will be nerfed for countless times. At BIS level, even if a GF/TR/OP standing still for a few seconds, you still cant kill them, however, they can kill you in the next 3 seconds.

    NW DC logic: Low heal and dps, squishy by default. Lets wait for Mod 14 for DC rework, if it exists.
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    plaviaplavia Member Posts: 540 Arc User
    next mod will be another nerf for DC.
    clerics are grabage in PVP and the best companion in PVE. thats it
    dont expect any buff soon
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    toporoktoporok Member Posts: 27 Arc User
    I am curious about other support classes in pvp because a gf should by design should be absorbing tons of damage and doing none. The paladin should be do the same as gf with healing not the killing machines that they are . Now clerics are supposed to heal the team ok, with 75% healing depression add 25% more with the boon it’s hard enough to stay alive rather then concentrate on healing the team with the insane damage that EVERY other class in the game does except for a cleric. The cleric is on farm status in pvp and I guess we should be happy with that
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    plaviaplavia Member Posts: 540 Arc User
    as for PVE, if you play DC you should know most powers are not related to gear score.
    the only stat buff cleric have is power and it get nerf every mod. thats why DC looks easy to play.

    I have 3 PVP builds: AC virtuos, DO faithful and DO rightuous.
    in all builds i die 1:1 against any other class with same GS
    my Rightuous have very low kill rate face CW an TR (go figure). other classes i can't even scratch
    PVP like PVE, DC can only play as companion. alone he is trash.

    might be the reason why ppl complain DC is easy/cheap/needed. yet less ppl play
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