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The Ascended title and RD weapons collection

agilestoagilesto Member Posts: 516 Arc User

Apologies for the links to Imgur, I for some reason can't put images on my post. Here's the Imgur for the 2 pictures I talk about in the post.

I like to describe myself as a completionist, so that's why I was running after the grindfest title that "The Ascended" is.
I spent 3/4 of a year grinding every single item needed aside from my characters progression.
I did each Kabal / Nostura / Gyrion / IG the 35 times needed, I did the weeklies and dailies during months to get the 340 Arcanic Focus needed.
And mostly i did around 1500 HE in the River Distric to get all the 420 Arcane Magical Writings needed.

Tonight I finally was able to restore, and upgrade to legendary the last weapon. My collection got updated as such, as you can see in the picture.
I got all of them to legendary, see the River Distric collection is complete.

But when I check my title journal, what do I see? It tells me that 3 weapons/offhand are not considered as legendary, so the title did not activate.

So This post talked about a similar issue, but that doesn't seem to be my exact problem.
The thing is, the achievement was bugged as first, as ctatumdev said in this topic. By the time this got fixed, I already had refined the 3 "now missing" weapons. So the fix did not do anything retroactive, even if the collection got updated with the legendaries.

My only request now is to get this bug fixed retroactively, based on the collection or I don't know how, but I'm certainly quite a bit disappointed / angry / sad (pick one) because of that. So many months to get something I could proudly show as a long-term grind achievement, aaaaand it's bugged.

Please. Do something for it.
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