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Need some Advice for HR

mistsenseimistsensei Member Posts: 30 Arc User
Greetings, Rangers, I 've just returned to the game after a very long absence. My main before I stoped was a TR and I 've also had a HR who didn't see much gameplay. So coming back and with the x2 XP close I thought to make a fresh HR toon and this will also be my main. So, my question is what is the state of the HR class at the moment? I was thinking to go trapper but I 'm not sure which path should I choose after such a long time PF or SW? Also, were there any changes to the Combat tree making it as good as the trapper? I saw a few posts around but I 'm not sure what is going on. :pI am only interested for PvE spec. Any info regarding these things is appreciated, thanks!


  • Hi Mistsensei, I'm still fairly new but I thought I'd chip in here whilst my game updates on Xbox. The general state of the HR class is very good at the moment. Archery is still lacking in terms of DPS but the other two paths are great. Combat is definitely a viable choice and some would argue preferable over Trapper. A well built and well played Trapper can be lethal and provide great buffs at the same time, however it is pretty hard to play well and get right. Combat is my preference because you can't go too far wrong and still produce a large amount of damage. it's easy to be a relatively ineffective Trapper, not so with Combat. That being said many people like the intricate dance that is the Trapper play style, personally I find it a pain in the rear end but try them both and you will find what suits you.

    As an example of how a HR can hold up, yesterday my 12k Combat HR and a 16k CW 2 manned IG and achevied gold fairly easily, and there was only a 4mil difference on the paingiver in favour of the CW. I don't intended that as a brag because I'm not particularly skilful at this game, it just goes to show how a HR can perform above their IL.

    In terms of Pathfinder or Stormwarden I think the answer is both with the loadout system (probably didn't exist when you played before). Pathfinder seems to be better on single target whereas Stormwarden is slightly better on mobs. I have mainly played Stormwarden but my Trapper loadout is about to be permanently replaced by a Pathfider Combat loadout. Since switching to Combat I'm have never looked back.

    Hope that helps, happy hunting.
  • mistsenseimistsensei Member Posts: 30 Arc User
    @ashwilliowbrook#2249 - Ah also forgot to mention I 'm on PC. I see, to be honest back when I was playing the combat spec never got much attention in PvE and it was mostly used at PvP specs that 's why I was curious about it. For PvE 80 to 90 percent went for trapper. Yeah trapper needs to be played right and I was pretty good with the class's mechanics back then and thought to go for it again.Still, I will try combat and see how it is.
    Thanks for the reply!
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