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Guild Medieval 2 is now recruiting! Friendly, mature, drama-free play for one and all!

Guild Medieval is now full, but we are recruiting for Guild Medieval 2 so we continue to meet and enjoy like-minded players! Are you a mature, helpful player who dislikes the constant drama in most other guilds? Join Guild Medieval 2 and laugh, learn, and grow with the nicest players you could ever want to meet. We are a truly international guild, with players from all over the world, but we do use English in guild communications. We welcome players of all skill levels, and character levels. We strive to make Guild Medieval 2 a friendly and welcoming home for veterans and novices alike.
We will be working up the stronghold structures in Guild Medieval 2 as fast as we possibly can. You will have full access to the level 20 stronghold and merchants in Guild Medieval 1, and players will be moved to Guild Medieval 1 as older members retire or move on to other games, on a first-come, first-served basis.
Our guild rules boil down to no swearing in public chat, and no exploiting of game bugs. We vet applications carefully, so give us a few days after you apply before expecting a response. The upside of the care with which we select new members is a very strong sense of community, and many players who go out of their way to help whenever a guildie wants a helping hand with something. If Guild Medieval 2 sounds good to you, please give one of our officers a shout in game, and we will arrange temporary access to our website so you can see more of what we're all about. If you have questions, feel free to contact me in game at @omnior. Thanks for your interest, and happy questing to all!


  • omnioromnior Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    Come join the nicest group of Neverwinter players you'll ever meet! We offer an exceptional community both in game, and on our multi-game forums. :) The GM 2 stronghold is shaping up nicely. Currently all players in both Guild Medieval 1 and Guild Medieval 2 are donating vouchers & resources solely to the GM2 mimic, so we expect rapid progress.
  • omnioromnior Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    Are you looking for a truly mature, helpful guild to explore the game with? Guild Medieval 2 is still recruiting, and going strong with full support from our level 20 Stronghold parent guild. :)
  • omnioromnior Member Posts: 26 Arc User
    Guild Medieval 2 is growing nicely. We are looking for mature, helpful, and fun new members to join our exploration of the wonders of Neverwinter! :smile:
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