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Neverguild is currently recruiting active members (Stronghold lvl 20)

mattemen36mattemen36 Member Posts: 38 Arc User
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Current Openings: 10+

GUILD NAME: ‘Neverguild’

GUILD WEBSITE: http://neverguild.shivtr.com/

Alliance NAME: ‘Synergy’ - Level: 194 Members: 3760

A guild that was formed on the 03/24/2014 We are a PVE/PVP (more PVE) driven based guild who welcomes players of all levels, skills and play styles. We value members with great attitude, creativity, willingness to learn and become a greater individual as a whole. Promotions are flexible based. Our philosophic idea on promotions are "the more you do for the guild the better ranking you will become over time

121/150 account (Last viewed 2:01 PM PST 12/08/2017)
409/500 characters (Last viewed 2:01 PM PST 12/08/2017)

From a wide array of guild activities to dragon flights to running dungeons, We have all the standard extras: voice chatting through Teamspeak3, Facebook (Teamspeak not required to speak but you may be asked to come in a channel and listen by a Leader/Founder/Officer). We have core members who have a wealth of experience who play multiple classes, and know the details of different builds for styles of play.

Guild Hall Rank: 20 - Mastercraft amenities available
Marketplace: 10 (All food/drinks overload enchantments for PVE/PVP)
Barracks: 10 (3% XP, 8000 power, and 15% incoming healing)
Stables: 10 (8000 defense, 8000 armor pen, 20% mount speed)
Wizard Tower: 10 (32000 Hit Points, 48% healing pot bonus, 12% Enhanced Overload Ward)
Temple: 10 (8000 Life Steal, Revive Sickness 1:00, Group Heal Potion Bonus 75%)

1. Our style of play is mostly casual but we are everywhere on the spectrum of semi-casual/casual-hardcore/hardcore-elite. However just like every guild has its set of rules, we set in place to preserve the simplicity of the guild, promote peace and fun, and protect achievements and assets the guild has accomplished.
2. Respect Each Other - Neverguild does not tolerate discrimination, racism or harassment, sexual or otherwise by or towards members. Members will respect each other regardless of their origin, rank, nationality, age, gender, race, or religious beliefs. Failure to comply will result in loss of rank or ban from the community. Please keep foul language to a reasonable minimum. We are passionate enthusiastic gamers, we don’t mind when friends roast each other in good fun, but please keep it within reason. If any other member asks you to stop, please stop. When such chatting occurs and causes disruption and drama within the guild, the officers will work to resolve the matter quickly, in whatever is necessary to maintain the peace of the guild.
3. Respect the Chain of Command - Be friendly to new recruits and respectful towards those of higher rank. Structure and order will keep us strong. Disruptive elements in the Neverguild [NG] will be removed, we don't have time for your drama or power trips here. This applies to officers and members alike.
4. Stay Active & Participate - Please do not join or ask for an invite to private sessions or raids if you are going to leave mid game for whatever reason, bored or losing. This ruins the game experience for everyone else, if you are found to be repeatedly quitting on purpose you may be removed from the community. Also be active in games we play or in the forums. You will be dropped from the roster if you go inactive for (60) Days or more. If you need an extended leave of absence inform an Officer. A little heads up is all we ask.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO BEGGING FOR ITEMS OF ANY KIND, if you are found to be violating this cardinal rule, you will simply be handled with by the officer's discretion which could mean a ban/demoting of rank.

We have very limited space within the guild, but are open to any player of any level or skill who is willing to show that they are ACTIVE in the game. We do NOT charge a fee for admittance to the guild. There is a MINIMUM 10K item level requirement, and we customarily will not invite extremely low level players as we believe they need to experience the game more before deciding on a guild and its culture, and because of the prevalence of invite-spam bots. Please inquire about joining and send us a PM.

Founders: @janzik69 @argus331 @wolfgus @neverguild
Leaders: @cerealkiller0tx @zedok05 @woot41
Officers: @luks707 @xxxxworlockxxxx @lord1lucas @strefan59
Lieutenants: @nolube4life @vatolocoyque @blueswaltz @tadderlas

Please feel free to send an in-game mail to any of the above @handles listed if we weren't online.
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  • araneaxaraneax Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 639 Arc User
    *dusts off the thread *

    Good work Matt.
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