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It's about Random Queues and beyond...

tecmysttecmyst Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 34 Arc User

This post will NOT be about negative aspects of RQs, I'll concentrate solely on positives. It doesn't mean they're flawless, they need some tweaks, but lets stay with good sides that I am seeing here when using RQ's. That's purly my point of view, but maybe some of you also will share this feelings.

First of all, they're fast, when quing on Random Normal Dungeon (will use RND short from now on) and Random Skirmish (RS) we get pop up notification in less than a min. In Random Epic Dungeons (RED) is similar when quing healer/tank, on dps, when solo quing, never waited more than 10m.

They are random! Yes it's no brainer but that's what revived this game for me. I tried few times to farm 2x etos + 2x esot for rAD, but for me it was wall that I couldn't jump over and for months my alts acumulate 100k bonus rAD from invokes, if you like that gamestyle it's ok, but it's just not for everyone. So finally I'm earing rAD the way I like by doing content that isn't so recurrent. And on top of that geting even more rAD than I can refine!

The feeling when you've actually helped someone! It's probably the main reason I like RQ's so much. New player bonus is a nice gesture, but the happy people at the end of challenging dungeon is something that kills easily even the Ultimate Enchanting Stone reward from T9G :-P
When new players, after finished dungeon, thank you for your advices and support, you know, you really did something good. Peolple usually got adequat gear for dungeon but sometimes they need guide what to use on wich fight to make better syngergy and overcome any dificulties. Call of Adventure!

Now I'll stop here, cause I would like to present you my idea.
The reason behind it, is to extend whats RQs started already, making Neverwinter more friendly place and rewarding for new players and people that use his/her own time to help others. Specially for people, without guilds/alliances or many friends, that wanted to test themselfs in new content. That way thay can learn new strategies, get few useful hints, make new friends and more!

Mentoring system:
After succesfully completing RED, RETrials or Hero's Accord, when quing solo or in party of 2 or 3 players, participant(s) earns special points (lets call it Mentor points, MP).
The amount of them is connected to dungeon dificulty, e.g.:
- 20 - kr, esot
- 40 - mc, elol, vt
- 60 - ndemo
- 100 - etos, ecc, egwd, edemo, tia
- 200 - FBI, MSP, nAoS
- 300 - MAoS
- 500 - Hero's Accord

This points are cummulative and adds to your MP pool automatycly upon finishig one of above, they are account wide and once earned stay forever.
You can geather them to get next rank in Mentoring system:
When looking on your portrait everyone in your party will see instead of your level, lets say a 5 arm star object, that will let them know you are expirienced person and is likely willing to help them when not everything goes by the plan. Good for morale!

After reaching 1000 points you get first colorless star (glass?)
10.000 - bronze star
100.000 - silver star
1.000.000 - gold star

What is in it for you?
Well the satisfaction of course!
But additionally for reaching every 10k point some special fashion/mount look acc wide unlocs. We can get here any other thing that isn't really worth big chunk of gold but still is something nice to reach for.

OK, lets say you want to help others but still don't feel strong enough to do it on your own, or just you like doing something with friends, that's not a problem, get your friend or two and go RAD.
When doing that, not only your chances of success in dungeon will rise (probably ;-), but also you all, get special bonus for drawn dungeon, 20% more MP for one friend and 40% more MP for two friends.
Why not going with more friends? Simple at least 2 ppl need to be the ones we're helping or the mentoring system would be pointless.
But it is still possible to earn MP for all participants if game will add few players/parties, when they've use RED or RETrial, to same instance.

Mentoring system will still work if you que for random or dedicated dungon in 4 or 5 party and (drawn) dungeon would be completed before by not more than 3 people from party.

That's it! Thanks for reading this, I hope you like it and devs in one point or the other will bring that or similar system to Neverwinter.

Two more things that comes to my mind:
1st Allow low level players to check or decline lvls 70 participation permision in Random Normal Dungeon, better experience for new players when doing this kind of dungeons
2nd Add to Vote Kick reason: Suspicious BOT-like behavior, to put a red flag on that account for devs knowledge.

Take care!


  • mynaammynaam Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 932 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    tecmyst said:


    First of all, they're fast, when quing on Random Normal Dungeon (will use RND short from now on) and Random Skirmish (RS) we get pop up notification in less than a min. In Random Epic Dungeons (RED) is similar when quing healer/tank, on dps, when solo quing, never waited more than 10m.

    I have waited 15 minutes on my CW for the Epic dungeon Q to pop. It might just be that the system Hates CW's since my other classes on average get faster q's

    EDIT : The idea of RQ's is not bad it is just not implemented correctly. People ZERG dungeons that first time players are in so ruin the experience to a player who is entering their first dungeon and it is riduculous to say the players must intentionally play slow(as insinuated on twitch) to help new players especially if they only q'd to get RAD. also getting ino IG and voting Leave after round 1 only hurts those that want the gear but that is what RQ's brought to us
    There are more than BIS players in this game
    It has been 5 YEARS since last new class this is getting ridiculous
    FORCING the majority of your player base to play 4 mod old dungeons and trial will have a bad result on player base
    Please do master/normal version of dungeons. This way content for all MOD 19 have nothing new for vast majority of player base. Giving an EVENT is not same thing as permanent content for non BIS. As we suggested in CDP
    Changes are getting so bad i would rather prefer no new changes (RIP ICE FISHING in winter fest)

  • micky1p00micky1p00 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,546 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Only now, I just understood what is the "RED"....

    I think that adding RQ as just random queue is/was a good idea. It can be fun, it can have bonuses, can speed up queues, and can reduce burnouts. It's just some not so minor details that make it... meh... overall.

    The leveling dungeons, the group composition, the difficulty spread, and PoM, lots of PoM..

  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,487 Arc User
    I tried doing Epic RQ last night and as a cosmic joke got the 1 piece of content that I truly despise, MSP. My CW and a replacement DPS (HR) managed to get to Kabal and after some other unfortunates got pulled in, we managed to get to phase 2 twice before wiping. At that, it was midnight and I bowed out. The GWF who took the leaver penalty likely was able to queue again and complete a workable dungeon for the AD before we got to the boss.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
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