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A calculation sheet to min-max groups

greyjay1greyjay1 Member Posts: 163 Arc User
edited December 2017 in Guides
This document is meant to min-max your characters and group-setups.
But furthermore you can use it to compare various scenarios, such as:

- BiS vs not BiS, is the difference really that big?
- How much does my debuff-enhancement contribute to the group-dps?
- Should I sacrifice X base Power for a personal dps-increase of Y as a Paladin?
- How much does a MOF contribute to the group?
- Is a HB-Fury really that bad? And how much worse than a GWF?

=> The answeres to these questions strongly depend on your group-composition and the stats these groups reach!

You can actually compare a lot of things without much effort.
All you need to do is: define your group-setup in the header:
- Enter the Legendary Companion Bonus and the percentages of your Bonding Runestones.
- Enter the buffed Power each slot-member (or average values) will have.
- Enter how much dmg they will deal in relation to each other (for example gwf 1; dps-gf 0.75; hr 0.9).
- Enter at what debuff-effectiveness the team will be operating and if some slots are benefiting of personal debuffs, such as wms.

After this definition you can start to edit the scenarios.
- You can take away or add buffs/ debuffs.
- You can take away or add base power from a power buffer (have to add the shared percentage of power).
- You can add a complete new character to the group and see how much he will increase the dmg output.
- Or you can simply do a combination of the above.

If some things are unclear, there are already quite a few scenarios implemented and I added some comments to the input-fields on the last table of the document.

I hope this helps some people to evaluate if certain upgrades are worth their AD, and other people to squeeze some more dps out of their groups :) .


Edit: updated the debuff-formula to (3x^2+9x)/(x^2+3x+9), thx to @thefabricant
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