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Random Queues counter proposal

tecmysttecmyst Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 34 Arc User
The idea behind this is to make random queuing more flexible and to avoide limiting some characters strictly to skirmishes or only leveling dungeons.

But first the image:
Random Queues

What we see here is the tabel with all skirmishes, dungeons and raids.
They are put here in specific order based on theire dificulty (mainly on item lvl and some subjective feel).

On a right side you can see a slider that can be used to set the highest dificulty you want to try. In this case Temple of Spiders (Master). All activities under eToS are lit, so you know that they are also a part of the random que.

There is one more row between name and level that says rAD, it's value of that specific event. So the highest the slider is up, the more rAD you could earn when compliting randomly chosen activity. By moving up or down the slider, it automaticly add/sub an event. So you can't choose few her few there.

On the left side is one more thing, lets call it weight. This can tell you what chances you got to roll specific event.

How it works?
fg. even if you get your slider max up (T9G) lvl, you will have 40% to actually prove yourself in this dungeon, it would be something like in poker, Neverwinter would say "Check!" and you need to show you're able to actually finish this dungeon before earning 25k rAD, but there is 10% chance that game just give you lower event (Game said: :Pass") and you just need to, lets say, finish The Frozen Heart!

Actually this is RNG (gamble?) but in this way I kind a like it.

There would be of course some limits, you can only do it once per day on a character and if you leave que group you chance for this day is lots. Also all restriction need to be passed: character level, item level, dungeon unlock...

All values and chances could be adjusted but the overall concept is explained.

Hope you like it!



  • woezardwoezard Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Please allow toons to private Q or solo Q for at least one or two dung/skirm. Random does not allow me to avoid the frustrations that PUD grouping brings --I would rather solo or play with my guiildmates for RAD. Also when trying to get boons, random Q makes it very difficult and takes away the joy of getting boons.
    Thank you for making these recommended changes.
  • ladypeanut66ladypeanut66 Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    I thought the idea behind RQs were to get people to play FBI and MSP. But your idea is nice.
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