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New player, how do I choose gear?

xcaligaxxcaligax Member Posts: 2 Arc User
edited September 2017 in The Guard Barracks
Title basically explains it. I'm new to the game, and it's a bit overwhelming trying to decide what I should be focusing on. Gear wise is my biggest issue, as I have no idea what effects what ( like recovery, I dunno if that's HP regen or something ).

I want to be able to do most quests no problem with me and my companion, but still be able to contribute as a decent tank in a dungeon. How should I be gearing myself? Right now I'm in my 40s, and learning as I go, just picking up things with high item level. Thanks in advance.

(( PS, incase anybody is wondering, I come from another game from ARC and Cryptic, hence the weird signature :) ))


  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,352 Arc User
    Since you're still making your way up to Level 70, just play what you want and have fun.

    Gear choices sub-70 won't be like level 70's "do or die" gear choices. And even then, GF is fairly flexible in terms of gearing; I would argue that it's more important to have good skills than having optomized gear.

  • salvini262salvini262 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4 Arc User
    Agreed, use this time to have fun, its a game not a occupation. When you do hit L70 you'll be more informed and knowledgeable about your character and decisions like amour type will be a walk in the park :)
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