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Guilds, Alliances... is there another potential tier?

Guild and Alliance play is one of the best aspects of the game. Starting out with your first guild and either fitting right in with everyone, or maybe having to shop around till you find your true home. The same with alliances, does the helm really not care if there's only ten actives in your guild? Do you need to maybe find someone either a lot less demanding, or someone who pushes you to up your game?

But I do think there is potential in the Guild and Alliance part of the game to do more.
First I'd like to see the email system improved. Make daily email reset the same time as everything else, maybe offer a second batch of messenger crows to send multiple emails via zen store? And be able to include/exclude ranks from group emails.

But the thing I would love to see from guild play is the chance for guilds and alliances to join a faction.
There are all these big groups out there in the Forgotten Realms campaign world; the Harpers, the Lords' Alliance, the Zhentarim, even the Crown...

Each of these factions presents a unique set of game play opportunities, and a host of potential daily and weekly guild and alliance quests that could be run with little to no requirement for new zones. Like Bruenor sending you off on a daily task to a different zone every day, the faction quest could be both unique, and cross over. So, the Harpers may want you to scout a region as a unique quest, but for an open quest there may be a Thayan cargo shipment that needs intercepting and all the factions want the spoils. The rewards for which would be like Marauders, but based on the amount each faction earned, and only issued to faction guilds that contributed.

There are all sorts of places you go with this, and I was wondering if I'm alone in thinking guilds have more content based potential.

Feel free to agree, go further or tell me why I'm wrong...


  • zephyriahzephyriah Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,978 Arc User

    Feel free to agree, go further or tell me why I'm wrong...

    I agree with most of what you wrote. Especially mail and more functions/events/activities for guild and alliance.

    As for the faction thing, not sure if that would work. If there were no roleplayers around it might be a good idea. However, there are many roleplayers and they would not be pleased if their guild or alliance joined or supported a faction that goes against the playstyle, background of the character they created.

    My thoughts is the joining factions should be as it is, left at the player level to decide.

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