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Paladin PVP (Devotion & Protection)

mazdaguy80#8291 mazdaguy80 Member Posts: 14 Arc User
Hey folks,

I've been messing around in PVP lately, mostly as a Healadin, but...

I can't seem to figure out which skills to use when PVP'ing.

My most successful PVP matches, I was running (mostly as support for my team):
Encounters: BoV, Banishment (or VoE), Cleansing Touch
At-Wills: Cure Wounds, Radiant Strike
Dailies: Shield of Faith, Divine Judgement
Class Features: Aura of Courage, Aura of Wisdom

Maybe someone who does PVP regularly as a pally can help me out here and answer these questions:

1. Which auras should I be using?
2. Which encounters should I be using?
3. Which dailies should I be using?
4. Which At-Wills should I be using?

Now, if I spec into Protection (yay for Loadouts), answer questions 1-4 above.

Also, not sure how much this matters, but any specific feats and boons I should spec into?

I currently only have two loadouts, one for PVE Healadin and the other for PVE Tankadin.
If boons and feats matter in PVP, I'm willing to get a 3rd (and maybe 4th) loadout if it will make the difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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