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Owlbwear Cub (PC)

swapilotswapilot Member Posts: 57 Arc User
I am trying to figure out if the Owlbear Cub Active Bonus still works for the OP. Two things I know for sure:

From Neverwinter:

Active Bonus: On Encounter Use
If you fail to critically hit, do an additional hit for damage equal to 50% of your power.
Applies to you as long as this companion is active.

From the patch notes:

Effects that activate when non-critical damage is dealt, such as the Owlbear Cub's Active Companion Bonus, now only activate once per power use.

From the interwebs:

Confusion. I can find everything from the Active Bonus is broken and doesn't work at all to it works like before except for DOT, i.e. Burning Light, where it only Procs at the very beginning not for everytime it hits. Does anyone know for certain how the Owlbear Cub Active Bonus works for an OP after the patch? After an hour of looking on the web I am so confused that I have no idea how it really works.


  • trzebiat#2067 trzebiat Member Posts: 372 Arc User
    It can proc once per encounter use if you fail to crit. BL is not DoT but it provides multiple ticks of damage and each tick could proc it. It was nerfed for OP to work once for BL and not for each tick (max 9), but for some reason still works with CW's Icy Terrain and SW's Pillar of Power which AFAIK work in similar way to BL (not DoT, but multiple ticks).
    Short answer - Owlbear Cub is not viable for its original purpose of using it on OP and the whole low crit build based on it is basically useless.
  • swapilotswapilot Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    Sorry for using DOT, I was in a hurrry and couldn't think of ticks. Thanks for the reply.
  • thrilk#9892 thrilk Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    I play in PS4 and don't have ACT but I think I am going to manually log a fight to see exactly what my owlbear cub is doing for me. I use one because I was under 50% Crit when I bought it and figured I would have my cake and eat it too. Crit, great. Don't Crit, Owlbear cub. But when I do look at logs I really don't see the owlbear pop up much even though I am still at only 60% Crit rate.
  • swapilotswapilot Member Posts: 57 Arc User
    So if it procs once per encounter use, a typical fight for me starts with at will-my encounters-tabx3-my encounters. So if I don't Crit at all on any of my six encounters at the start, the extra damage, based on my power, would be 73,200. While that may not be a lot, it still adds up.
  • rubytruerubytrue Member Posts: 556 Arc User
    I still use mine. Bonding stones and aura gifts make for significant boosts in damage when solo, however, in group content, it will only provide a 1-2% increase in damage because you get so much damage from other sources ( I play a Burnadin build). But yeah, solo, the owlbear cub often does more damage than the encounter that procs it (I play ProtOP solo so more power).
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