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Life forged weapon bonus

thornbr1ngerthornbr1nger Member Posts: 65 Arc User
How does this calculate the power increase from defense. Does it take into account the 8k stronghold defense boon and or defense from companion bondings too?



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    evaliraevalira Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 245 Arc User
    It is calculated on your current defense stat, so anything that adds to that is included, e.g., bondings, stronghold boons, mount bonuses, insignias, protectors cam etc.

    However, the more power you already have, the less effective the bonus becomes. The increased damage listed under the power stat is not a true representation of the actual increase you will get, the end result is far less. Especially when in parties with power sharing dc's/op's.

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    thornbr1ngerthornbr1nger Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    So for a protection pally with a crit build (for Templars) aboleth weapon set is a better option I guess? I'm almost done with my rogues aboleth set and about to start my pallets. Both are PVE toons.
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