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So....Burning set or Twisted set?

rubytruerubytrue Member Posts: 556 Arc User
I currently have the Burning Set, and I am close upgrading it to legendary (still purple); I chose it because of the chance to restore 25% of my AP bar on Daily use. When it procs, it is really nice. However, I am wondering if I might get more milage from the Twisted Set given the boost to Power. I am wondering if the increased damage I would do would, over time, provide a faster, more consistent mechanism to fill my AP bar. Popping dailies is really important to my build since I rely on Prism (proccing BG and HW) for a really large portion of my damage.

Thoughts on which would be more friendly in the long run to my AP bar?


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  • dupeksdupeks Member Posts: 1,789 Arc User
    Burning would definitely give you faster AP refilling. It _always_ procs and then has a 30sec internal cooldown before it can reproc.

    Twisted will give more power and damage, but not enough to make you gain AP faster if that is your goal. Also, the power from twisted isn't shared by aura gifts (if you run that). Finally, you're not even guaranteed to be getting power from twisted, as you'll be taking a lot of hits which will keep your defensive stacks up (which you likely don't really need).

    In my opinion, burning is better than twisted for OPs (both prot or devo, although especially for prot). I run burning currently, and am working towards Fey with Mod11.
  • sundance777sundance777 Member Posts: 1,097 Arc User
    Ditto for my OP, burning for now until we have Fey...counting down the day until the next grind.
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  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,788 Arc User
    ^ what they said
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  • rubytruerubytrue Member Posts: 556 Arc User
    Looks like I will finish leveling up my Burning Set; thanks for the responses.
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