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[No Longer Able To] Defending the Dale

Since the advent of the Sea of Moving Ice, we have all see a clamoring to progress the Icewind Dale / Storm King's Thunder Campaign(s). Unfortunately, there are those of us who cannot do this because the Quest that allows for picking up daily missions in Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, and Cold Run, namely "Defending the Dale" is unobtainable for many.

It was not that I ever abandoned this quest and have simply not picked it back up. No no, it simply has become unavailable. And it sucks. Thus, the only way to advance the campaign reputation is through a weekly quest.

I have been told to submit a ticket, then upon submission told Customer Support cannot assist me with this issue. How unfortunate. I am thus seeking the aid of the Bug Reporting forum. Post here if this dilemma has stricken you, as it has me and some of my guild mates. I assure that if it hasn't yet, it will happen to you or someone you know soon enough.

I have a number of pictures to post, if need be, otherwise I can simply supply information. Hopefully this is enough to spark some discussion.


  • zephyriahzephyriah Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,980 Arc User
    Were you able to do or had already done some defending the dale dailies before SoMI was released?
  • purestchaos#4297 purestchaos Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Yup, I have almost 200 Bryn Shander rep. Things used to work fine. It failed about a week after SoMI.
  • purestchaos#4297 purestchaos Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    So, no one else is experiencing this? I find that hard to believe...
  • dupeksdupeks Member Posts: 1,789 Arc User
    Shot in the dark:

    Have you unlocked all 3 zones (Bryn, Lonelywood, and Cold Run)? As soon as a new zone becomes unlocked with reputation, it takes away Defending the Dale. You have to complete the yellow introduction questline for the next zone before it gives you access to Defending the Dale again.
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