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How does the new gear look?

devlin#3775 devlin Member Posts: 142 Arc User
Hey guys,

I know there is a lot of negativity regarding the key changes (warranted I think), but I was wondering about the new gear. I know most of it isn't exactly worth equipping for stat purposes (at least, I haven't seen anything that I would consider better then relic armor), but I was wondering if anyone had looted any of the new gear that looks unique/cool/whatever.

What say you fine folks? Any cool new gear out there (for transmute purposes)?

Note: Perhaps this isn't the best place to post this; but since I'm a DC I figured it was the most relevant forum for this question.


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    putzboy78putzboy78 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,950 Arc User
    honestly haven't worked on it yet, but one of my guildies has that new helm which is invisible but gives you glowing eyes. Kind of cool

    The new boots is cool if you want to try one of the niche speed freak builds. Pretty awesome to see someone who can run faster than a 140 mount with a 20% mount speed bonus.
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