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[XBOX] I thought unstoppable meant unstoppable?

trentbail21trentbail21 Member Posts: 433 Arc User
So with mod 10 and the ambush ring nerf here on xbox alot of rogues are going away from the executioner shadow of demise first strike dunk spec.. but saying that it brings another problem. With courage breaker.. now I understand why its so good and it rightfully should be because its a daily.

But if they let you Oghma's out and still roll/slide/teleport while hit by it.. why can't gwf's and sw's sprint? Its still technically using stamina to move like all the other classes do.... and why can't GWF's unstoppable out of it? We can break basically all other cc in the game except for bosses.

I can't tell you how annoying it is to fight premades with 2 courage breaking rogues and a combat hr... if it wasn't bad enough that you can't move now you get 1 hit by a flurry from the hunter and you can't even have the chance to move out of the way?

Sometimes I feel like the GWF and SW are just the tail of a donkey added late into the game with not a whole lot of thought put into them.... If any devs or mods could possibly bring this up and possibly do someting someday please.

Eventually all of pvp will be Dc's, Tr's, Hr's and GF's... like it is for 75% of the xbox community at the moment. A little bit of balancing would help this game go a long ways. You almost can't play pvp as a GWF or SW at this stage and its all I enjoy doing.. last mod I went 8000- 246 but this mod I don't even feel like playing because its so one sided.

Thank you for reading this I will still play and try to have fun,
Trent the Barbarian.
Find me in game if you want and send me a domination/ gaunt invite. If you are good and im not busy ill play with you. Im not an elitist ill play with almost anyone.


  • obliquity811obliquity811 Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    Indeed there needs to be a balance brought to the game because now it's terribly one sided. It's nice to see Hunter Rangers enjoying their time in the sun, but the amount of unbreakable Cc in pvp is not good for the game ESPECIALLY if you play a class with no dodge mechanic.

  • minaminxminaminx Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    He makes a good point. @Strumslinger
  • tntbowsertntbowser Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Every point made here is valid. If the direction of the GWF keeps sliding backwards it will be phased out of the game completely, this class should be a staple, cornerstone within NW. Before any new classes are introduced please restore THE GREAT WEAPON FIGHTER to its proper place..... Give the GWF a few viable options to allow creative players and even encourage them to explore this class. Some of your very most dedicated, loyal and committed players NEED YOU TO STEP UP FOR US.... be solid Slinger

  • mercbenz360mercbenz360 Member Posts: 120 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    Cc needs to work here like it has in mmos for 2 decades now. Hard cc locks the player down but breaks on damage or an amount of damage. The player is then immune. Additional hard cc also breaks it. Soft cc has diminishing returns for each reapply cutting it in half until it expires at which point there is a small immunity. This removes a perma stun loop and actually makes players coordinate. Dozens and dozens of mmos have solved perma stun, arc is stuck in dinosaur land. @strumslinger
  • obliquity811obliquity811 Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    A fight is never lost unless you don't fight for justice in the first place.


    Villain's Menace should also have this same effect to bust you out of CC
  • trentbail21trentbail21 Member Posts: 433 Arc User
    edited November 2016

    You fighting a lost fight...


    Its worth a shot though rogues already have their own rulebooks with deflecting dunks while they are ITC and a daily that pierces everything. Time to try and get them taken down a notch or at least let us use our sprint mechanic like everyone else can cleric slide, teleport, roll and hunter dash while CBed. Only seems fair.
    Find me in game if you want and send me a domination/ gaunt invite. If you are good and im not busy ill play with you. Im not an elitist ill play with almost anyone.
  • assassin274#4214 assassin274 Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    Im on ps4 was the gwf so op at one point its the worst melee class now ?
  • theguiidotheguiido Member Posts: 467 Arc User
    I can't block it with my shield or prevent it with Villains Menace. It's a daily like you said. Lol It's inevitable and unpreventable. If my shield can't block it, nothing in this game can. Period. I have no problem with the daily but when it's being spammed on you 24/7 it does become very annoying.
    Guardian Fighter
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    Feat Changes I'd like to see in The Guardian Fighter
  • ionvnegativoionvnegativo Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 119 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    How courage breaker should work on GWFs:

    1) the last to apply the power rules:
    -GWF is in normal mode, TR pops CB, then GWF pops unstoppable ----> CB (only)CC effect ends, damage debuff remains.
    -GWF is in unstoppable mode, TR pops CB, ----> unstoppable CC break effect ends, DR remains.


    2) the first to apply the power rules:
    -GWF is in normal mode, TR pops CB, then GWF pops unstoppable ----> CB remains, unstoppable does nothing.
    -GWF is in unstoppable mode, TR pops CB ----> CB does nothing.

    otherwise, it takes "2 courage breaker TRs and a combat HR to take down a GWF".

    In 1v1, a GWF dont usually die against a CB TR, by the time the TR apply any rotation, the GWF heal back very quickly, if the issue is 2v1, 3v1, then there is not an issue, is pure QQ.

    Punishing charge and mighty leap allow the GWF to "teleport" while the CB effect is active, if GWFs dont use those powers because they cant get kills with them, is their problem, not TRs.

    Now, SWs are another history, but since opressors and trappers can do the same to them, is not CB the root of the SW problem but the class itself.
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