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Bugs introduced via mod 10

devlin#3775 devlin Member Posts: 142 Arc User
Edit: Not sure how I'm so blind...somehow missed the top post indicating to post mod 10 related bugs in there....ignore this.

Noticed a few bugs since mod 10 was introduced. They were here when mod 10 dropped and I was hoping the 7 hour maintenance would address some/all of them but I guess not.

Those I've noticed:

Transcendant Soulforged doesn't work anymore. Neither the visual graphic nor the ability (resurrection) work at all. It appears (based on guild mates) that the lower ranked versions work fine.

Action point gain - I (and many guildies) have lost 400 action points. We cant quite figure out where the loss is from, but everyone I've spoken to in my guild has seen the loss. Our best guess though is that the +100 reinforcements (100 x 4) aren't working anymore.

Anyone notice anything else caused by mod 10 and/or can confirm the above?
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