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Gaming Habits - What do we play, what do we abandon and why?

josephskyrimjosephskyrim Member Posts: 356 Arc User
Just as a quick, data snapshot - I thought we could post which content in game we are purposefully "Abandoning" and which bits we are "Playing" and "Why" as to help Cryptic with their future design decisions. To make things easier, break it up by campaign if possible and by default I'm excluding the leveling zones (1-60) and by extension the Third Eye campaign since they contain less grind and are generally only revisited when one goes through the other campaigns/doing other things.

I'll start off, so feel free to copy my format to make it easier for yourself.

2x Character Level: 70.
Time to Play: 1 to 1.5 hour per weekday, and say 4 for weekends.
Notes: Obviously I'm very time poor, so when I say things "take too long" below, it's that they take too long for my schedule only. ;)

Finished campaign. I only run the weekly for ADs if I need them.

Dread Ring:
Finished campaign. I only run the weekly for ADs if I need them. Abandoned gauntlet making too since they've never pulled something worth more than it took to create. The lairs are too long to run so I skip those as well. I make an exception for Phantasmal Fortress every now and then though simply because I love the design, and the boss.

Icewind Dale:
Finished campaign then abandoned this one entirely. Reward vs Effort in that area is simply not worth it. Abandoned Black Ice crafting too, especially since my powered armor no longer needed empowerment. Mining black ice to advance the profession is not fun for me, it's more like work. I work enough with my day job thanks.

I only PvPed for the armor set to survive Icewind Dale. Pretty sure I killed almost no one during that time. :P Not really a pvper so I've now abandoned that.

Tyranny of Dragons/Tiamat:
I only run the weeklies (Portal Defense and Elminster's One) for ADs if I need them, and spend lots of gold purchasing Coffers from other players to do so because the Coffer drop rate is lousy. Tiamat too long (and really, quite repetitive). Lairs take too long. I'll probably never get the last two boons since Linus are few and far between. 80 linus for two characters? Yeah, that's not happening.

I try to do the daily influence grind (first 3 only on each char), and should the guild need it, I run dailies in whatever overland area (only the overland quests) that requires that currency (Sharandar, DR, IWD, WoD) - the only motivator for me to do so. Dragonflight is fun, but I'm not too interested in it since it rewards me with boxes I cannot open (free-to-play-er here). As such, I've no interest in Dragonflight armor at all. Not interested in PvP either but from the tutorial I could see that even if I was, the majority of the time would be spent traversing the huge map which is useless vs people on purple mounts and better.

Finished campaign. If I have spare time, I slay Baphomet for the ADs. Bruenor's dailies are too long due to the travel distance to compete with quicker, more rewarding tasks.

Elemental Evil:
Finished campaign and abandoned. No interest in revisiting any of the areas, not even for the grind of those new elemental weapons. Skipped most lair quests towards the end because they weren't necessary, and as usual, take too long. Go into the Slaad Temple and fight your way through to the boss or do a 30 second jumping puzzle. Lol, is that even a choice? Note this was during EE's first iteration of vigilance tasks, I've not played it after all the changes since then.

Storm King's Thunder:
On-going with the campaign. Intentionally skip the "Give a man a fish" quest because it is time consuming, poorly designed, annoying and honestly, illogical. Not going for the new armor which needs empowerment because firstly that's too grindy, and secondly my previous nice suit of empowered black ice armor was made redundant. No point in going through all the work if it's just going to be nerfed any time in the future. By extension this means I won't have the Everfrost requirement to ever run the zones for the elite but I'm okay with that so long as the story doesn't get gated behind it.

Abandoned all. Unless I really need to squeeze extra AD out of regular ToS, which by default is never thanks to the new AD bonus thing. Despite not liking it when it was introduced, I must concede that it does actually work to my favor.

Throne and Madness are the only ones I might be tempted to run since they occasionally give benefit to the stronghold and are time limited which means either way they end in x minutes. Unless required though I generally skip them because again, they simply take too long.
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  • hammbo1969hammbo1969 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 165 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    8xLvl 70's - one main, three alts and four prof toons
    Time of play - Used to be several hours a day, now down to one invoke and professions cycle and perhaps 'A need for mead' on my main. I also spend around 2 hours on each weekend day completing weekly's on the four toons and four minute Dread Ring dungeon spam on the main for marks.

    Sharandar - Complete on main, taken as far as I want on alts.

    Dread Ring - Complete on all played toons.

    IWD - Complete on main, untouched on alts.

    PvP - Don't touch it.

    ToD - Complete on main, taken as far as I want on alts.

    Strongholds - I am not in a guild.

    Underdark - Complete on three of four. Will complete fourth this weekend.

    SKT - Complete on main, Alts are sitting this one out.

    Dungeons & Skirmishes - Don't touch them.

    I used to spend a lot of time on the Gateway, setting profession tasks and running SCA - but the removal of this has been a blessing as I can now spend more of time in a non-NWO world xD.

    Ironically, I probably now spend more time reading the forum than playing the game.
  • lirithiellirithiel Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,482 Arc User
    Why? It's not like they give a HAMSTER about us or what we have to say. They do what they want when they want and HAMSTER the community, who should be the central focus of their game.
    Our pain is self chosen.

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  • emilemoemilemo Member Posts: 1,718 Arc User
    Since launch Ive gotten from having and playing one character of each class to playing only 1 character all together.

    Im doing daily dungeon/skirmish/pvp x2 on 1 character. Not every day though since most days I just invoke and get my vip bags ( while i still have vip)

    Im also doing 5 weekly quests on 3 characters.

    This is what has become of someone who really liked this game and was spending around 50 euro per month on average.
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  • aulduronaulduron Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,351 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    8 toons on 2 accounts: 5 on my main account and 3 on the accidental (DC, SW and TR). I started during open beta

    Sharandar: I finished it on all but my SW and GF, whom I never play. It's my favorite module.

    Dread Ring: Finished it on all but SW, GF and main DC

    IWD I grudgingly finished it on my first 3 toons. I will never send another toon there.

    PvP: I used to PvP on my CW, TR and GWF. I haven't queued it in the last few mods.

    WoD: I did most of it on my CW and GWF, but didn't bother getting my last boons. I started doing it on my DC, until I respecced to heal dungeons. The grinding wasn't worth the rewards

    Strongholds: Killed my guild. I'm the only active account left. Nothing in the module is worth losing my now personal guild bank.

    Underdark: Did 40-50% of it on my CW and GWF. The grinding wasn't worth the rewards,

    SKT: Got to the second zone on my CW. I won't ever go back. Presumably, I won't be able to run the next one without doing SKT, and that's fine with me.

    Dungeons/skirmishes. I used to spend all day running dungeons on 6 of my 8 toons, for legacy gear, and AD. I occasionally do a dungeon on the rare occasion that someone in legit can't find another DPS (LOL). I usually don't have the time to devote to group, and there are no rewards if I do. There are only a couple of dungeons that get run anymore, and they became quite boring a very long time ago.

    The only reason I still log on is because I moderate a large chat channel, and I do professions to sell RP (though I have no idea what to do with the money I make). I stay in the game in hopes that the next module will be worth playing, but it never is. They just keep getting worse.

    After the upcoming key change, it's unlikely that I'll ever do a dungeon again.

  • calicobillcalicobill Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 36 Arc User
    9 Characters at Level 70: Actively play 5; CW main, HR, TR, DC, OP(tank). Tinker with 2 GWF, GF and storage for the last 2 SW, OP (heal).

    Time to Play: 3 hours per weekday, and 5 hours for each weekend day. Mainly work with guild mates on what they need.

    Sharandar: Finished campaign with active group. I only run the weekly on main for guild coffer. Still working on boons for tinker group. Ignore dailies.

    Dread Ring: Finished campaign with active group. I only run the weekly on main for guild coffer. Still working on boons for tinker group. Run the demon invasion main and active group. Ignore dailies.

    Icewind Dale: Finished campaign with active group. I only run the weekly on main for guild coffer. Still working on boons for tinker group. Run the demon invasion, dailies for main and active group for guild coffer. Finished Black Ice Elemental on main only.

    PvP: Ignore.

    Tyranny of Dragons/Tiamat: Finished campaign with main all boons and active group minus last two boons. Run the demon invasion, both hoard quests and Tia with main and active group. Still working on boons for tinker group. Ignore dailies.

    Strongholds: I do the daily influence with main and most in active group. I let the demon invasion count towards dailies in DR, IWD, WoD and weekly for Sharandar. Active group all has Dragonflight armor and tinker group runs it when available until they have it. Not interested in PvP.

    Underdark/Maze: Finished campaign with main and active group. Still working on boons for tinker group. Run edemo /ndemo for Faerzress and ring salvage when I have keys available on active group. Baphomet weekly on main. Ignore Bruenor's dailies.

    Elemental Evil: Finished campaign with all groups and abandoned.

    Storm King's Thunder: On-going with campaign with active group to get boons. Won’t do it for tinker group. Don’t want the new armor which needs empowerment. Ignore FBI.

    Dungeons: I only run the regular ToS once for the active group. CN, Elol, and VT when there is a guild run and they need a particular class.

    Skirmishes: Throne and Madness are the only ones I run with main for ring salvage when I have keys available.
  • plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 9,195 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    12x Character Level 70 + 4 level 4. Play 4 main characters
    Time to Play: many hours per day

    4 mains finished campaign. Weekly AD quest and SH quests for all 4.

    Dread Ring:
    4 mains Finished campaign. Weekly AD quest and SH quests for all 4.

    Icewind Dale:
    3 mains finished them all. Upgraded armours for all 3. The 4th is working on it.
    Weekly AD quest and SH quests for all 4.

    No pvp unless "call for duty" from the guild.

    Tyranny of Dragons/Tiamat:
    One completely finished. 2 working on the last boon. One needs 2 more boon.
    Weekly AD quest and SH quests for all 4.
    Try to make one Dragon Empire Treasure per day for 3 toons that have not completed the boon.

    Daily Influence be done by 2 to 4 main. Also, extra influence quest be done by 1 to 4 main.
    8 characters (all 8 classes) are fully suited with Dragonflight.

    3 completed. One is working on it. All 4 do weekly AD quest. One does the daily quest to progress.

    Elemental Evil:
    All 4 completed.

    Storm King's Thunder:
    3 main can go there. No where close to get into FBI. Not actively working on this.

    Whenever I have time and be called to do so. Usually quick run for the Epic one for 3 mains. No interest to run the leveling one for AD.

    Whenever I have time and be called to do so.
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    I'll start off, so feel free to copy my format to make it easier for yourself.

    1x Character Level: 70. TR
    1x Character level: 60 cw (gave up on the grind, but made this for sigil never got it)

    Time to Play: 30 minutes (if bored) - 2 hours a day.

    Finished campaign. I DON'T REPEAT ANY QUESTS.

    Dread Ring:

    Icewind Dale:

    I love to log in to do a PVP match or two, but sometimes players just sit there on the enemy team and give up. Other times players on my team have friends on the enemy team and refuse to fight.

    Tyranny of Dragons/Tiamat:
    Finished campaign: hated farming Linus

    I played the stronghold PVP and enjoyed the concept, but the power creep and lag made this map unplayable. Most of the upgrades to the stronghold came directly out of my pocker since I am guild leader.
    Maxed out at rank 5 guild hall, gave away the bag space to guild members. Would have spent more but I gave up feeling g it was all on me and a few members.
    Strongholds boons are overpowering but we won't ever reach that goal.

    Finished campaign recently.

    Elemental Evil:
    finished it

    Storm King's Thunder:
    finishing it in 2 days, refused to buy zen items to boost my progress.

    elol, cn are the only ones I play.

    Throne is the only one I play for daily ad and salvage.
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  • silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    I log in , run a few things.. maybe spend some time with guildies doing something every once in awhile.

    Ive cut back my play time by 40% give or take.. I cant stand being in the game more then that any longer.. it just makes me too upset, seeing the direction of the game..

    what I do or dont do matters very little to them, we explained this all in the feedback threads about the over the top vblood and lanolin grind and the rng inside of the rng box on FBI (which again insulting now)

    Mod 10 foward, will not be gamer friendly.. it will not be fun, it will be just pure grind and pay to skip grind concept. There is no real fun content anymore.. the story lines are pathetic.

    The game for all intent and purposes is dead, they will squeek out millions on new ps4 players, so they have taken the time to do that.

    Our beloved neverwinter is done and dead, we can keep lying to ourselves, we all know the reality. The game we played for 3 years is no more, it got HAMSTER up in mod 6.. then raked over the coals in mod 10.

    Our feedback means NOTHING to them.. I dont think some of you get that.. NOTHING<> Its clear as day now.
  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    5 toons on 1 account. Main HR, active alts, CW and TR, sigil/salvage alts, gwf/SW. I started during mod2.

    Sharandar: I finished it on hr, cw and tr

    Dread Ring: As above.

    IWD: As above.

    PvP: quite a lot on my HR, once in a blue moon on the others.

    WoD: finished on hr, up to the 4th boon on tr, 2 or 3rd on the cw.

    Strongholds: member of holy crusaders since early-ish mod8 lvl20.

    Underdark: finished on hr, barely started on cw and tr, too much grind to contemplate.

    Maze and re-jigged elemental levelling zones: As above.

    SKT: As above.

    General gameplay - an hour or so a day. I usually do at least 2 cn runs a day, and a demo/edemo. Sometimes do AD weeklies on all my actives, sometimes not. Since soloQ pvp disappeared I don't pvp all that much either, despite all the min-maxing I did earlier on in mod10. Don't like premades, and don't like getting stomped either so, screwed both ways atm. Fbi I did a few times to get the new chestpiece, and I do HEs in lonelywood when I run out of blood.

    I used to play a lot more, but over the last couple of mods, it's getting to the point where I can take it or leave it. The only thing that will save the game for me now is soloQ, if that comes back, then I'll be busy grinding boons and weapons and whatever, for pvp. The key changes just mean the frustration levels will be higher, which lol, I thought was impossible.

    No idea what my toon is now.
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