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Svardborg First Impression / Strategy

So we've been on preview tonight and got a first look at the new trial. I personally think it's well done. Our first attempts were wild and all the mechanics you need to pay attention to a little bit overwhelming, but it seems to be doable.

In the first phase you have to fight a variety of adds that are accompanied by three mechanics:
  1. Permafrost: The same mechanic you know from FBI, but is at least harder to dodge / might not be dodgeable at all. Two players are getting hit at the same time and must be freed in a certain amount of time or the ice block explodes and kills its prisoner. Ice blocks seem to have more HP than in FBI.
  2. Ice Spikes: Not sure how the real name is. Two players are targeted with an Icy Terrain sized AoE at the same time. After a few seconds the AoE explodes and deals moderate damage. This seems to be undogeable. At the spot of the explosion Ice Spike AoEs remain that deal a small DoT when standing in it.
  3. Hypothermia: Again the same mechanic you know from FBI. The group needs to gather to split the damage between several players and the target.

Basically everyone that is targeted with Ice Spikes needs to run from the group and place the DoT AoEs at the edge of the room where it can't cause much trouble for the group. The rest of the players have to prioritize killing Permafrost asap and grouping when Hypothermia is up. I don't think one player was ever targeted with more than one mechanic at once, but there were situations where two players were permafrosted and two others were targeted with Ice Spikes. Even without much clue and running around like headless chicken, we were comfortably able to master the round in a 3.5k+ group.

When all adds are cleared the boss launches a Call of Winter. There's no Permafrost to hide behind, but the room has some pillars that needs to be used to survive this initial blow. Throughout the ensuing fight all three above mechanics will continue and there's at least one other. The boss draws power from runes that randomly light up on the floor for several seconds. Players need to block these runes by standing on them. The more runes are blocked, the less damage the Call of Winter like attack will deal. I think there were typically three runes spread out on the floor. Even outside this mechanic players can stand on them to get empowered.

Can't tell whether there are more phases. We never got the boss below 90%.​​
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