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My list of currently available foundry quests

mittensofdoommittensofdoom Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 247 Arc User
edited September 2016 in Foundry Quest Database
City of the Lost: NW-DQ9YEIZIW
A Featured quest made for the Cult of the Dragon contest.

Tired of being eaten: NW-DM3BQ5GS3
My second most played quest, in dire need of a revamp though.

Gods of Fury: NW-DK8PLT4Y8
Another full quest featuring a few distinct maps.

Labyrinth of Teshyll: NW-DT55QRB3Z
Two years old and still stuck in For Review on 6 plays because it's HARD. Apparently I'm a meanie that likes making my friends cry. I'm good with that.

(RP) Fortress of Darkness: NW-DRYN3WSO3
Featuring a completely custom built interior with toggleable NPC mobs and loot drops created primarily for dice roll systems.

(RP) Elven House: NW-DFZRM387U
A nice elven themed house for roleplay.

(RP) The Calim Desert: NW-DE8GXETIV
My attempt at faking out snow to look like sand. Works on some gfx settings but not all.

(RP) Gilda's Store: NW-DNVDCHFYZ
A shop full of everything an adventurer would need.

Fey Castle (RP): NW-DITKHEI4H
A shard of the Feywild lost between planes.

(RP) The Treasury: NW-DN3ITZSPQ
My attempt at doing something with the Lostmauth map. Will likely be taken down when I need space.

Fae Canopy Cottage (RP): NW-DGF46N3YO
Found under @moonshine1989 due to running out of space. Modelled to be the cottage found in the Fae Canopy of SH.
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