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Lonelywood Fishing

josephskyrimjosephskyrim Member Posts: 356 Arc User
When you have adventurers who at this point in their career have slain demons (possibly some demon princes), dragons (possibly Tiamat) and everything in between, I'm not sure how wise it is to send them to go fishing. Then again maybe Cryptic wants Catti-brie and the rest of Lonelywood to be perceived as morons, so thumbs up if that's what you were angling for.

I understand that your metrics show that this has been a great optional activity during the winter festival, but making it a mandatory chore is really poor design. I spent 30 minutes trying to collect x fish (needed 12 at the end) to get the 200 points required yesterday. The design also makes it quasi-pvp in the rushing for fishing spots. That is the very definition of not fun (for me).

Suggestions to fix this:
1 - Do not have casts where you get -nothing-. No fish. No boots. No window. No crabs. Just animation then zilch. I was getting this 60-70%(?) of the time.
2 - Do not have casts where you get boots. We pick up enough boots from "Fetch Quest" in the Well of Dragons. They aren't fun there either (bloody incompetent ghost wolves).
3 - While various fish have different scores do they really need to eat up 4-5 bag slots? Can we just get a fish basket where they all go in to save space? If it's going to take 30 minutes odds are I'll stop half way to do something else that needs bag space.
4 - The easiest fix is actually to make this optional. Whenever this is offered, also offer the crab meat quest from the NPC. Then people can choose to either kill crabs in combat, which is exactly what they have been building skills and upgrading gear for, or to go fishing - which is a dice roll that has zero player agency.

Please note: the crab meat quest currently doesn't count as one of the required dailies, so that will need to be adjusted if you go with that method.

Also, if after reading #4 you thought to yourself "but then everyone would choose to hunt crabs" then isn't that a telling indicator about your design decisions? Thanks for reading.
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