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Neverwinter Twitch stream 07/30/2016: Win a Cambion magus companion tonight only!

eastx21eastx21 Member Posts: 10 Arc User
Hey Xbox and PlayStation 4 players, tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT Windows Central is streaming Neverwinter on Twitch and giving out 10 exclusive companions for each version of the game. You can only get these companions from contests.

On Xbox One you can win the Cambion Magus:

On PlayStation 4 you can win the Gelatinous Cube:

The odds of winning will be in 1 in 10 or better, which is really good.


Please check out the stream article for full details and join us for a chance to win. If you miss the stream, still give us a follow. We'll have more Neverwinter contest streams in the future.


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