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other weapons?

rangerlenierrangerlenier Member Posts: 21 Arc User
hi all, i am new to the paladin and enjoying it so far. i see however lots of pictures of paladins with different weapons, swords etc. so far all i have seen is maces. do you get swords as drops later or are they transmutes, skin changes of some kind, ad how do you do that?

Best Answer

  • obsidiatryxobsidiatryx Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited July 2016 Answer ✓
    You are correct, the paladin can use any weapon skin or weapon that does not use a class-based restriction, or is allowed in the text to the Paladin Class. Generally this is the Mace, however you will see swords, warhammers, and maces fit the list. You can find these in the Auction House, the Market in PE and in certain HE's in the game. The best one in my mind is the warhammer from IWD HEs. (and you'll make a bunch of AD's too if you get it and post it.)
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