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Gateway AH usability

loboguildloboguild Member Posts: 2,371 Arc User
Pretty sure this has been mentioned before, but since I'm using the gateway even more frequently the last weeks, I'd like to reiterate an issue.

The auction house on the gateway presorts results by the number of items per auction, ascending, and then by price. This is mostly fine outside high volume items and categories. For some marks and enchantments you might not be able to buy the best option, because the 400 auction limit cuts off the biggest (and cheapest) stacks. Even more so it's impossible to compare prices, because you would either need to do it manually or use a third-party script.

Please apply the ingame auto-sort of price per item or even better, let us choose.

Additionally I hope the gateway will not develop into an afterthought because it's not present on the consoles. It's one of the very few elements that separates Neverwinter from the competition.​​


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    szejhuludpuchaczszejhuludpuchacz Member Posts: 306 Arc User
    There is also bug with posting whole stack of items instead of number we type. This bug caused me losing alot AD long time ago.
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    plasticbatplasticbat Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 12,281 Arc User
    edited July 2016
    If the change is to make it behave exactly like the AH in game, please don't.
    If it is an improvement to the existing gateway behaviour, that is cool.

    Both AH have problem and they are different problems. I consider the in game AH has far more unbearable problems.
    At the moment, the only useful (far from perfect) AH for me is the gateway version.
    *** The game can read your mind. If you want it, you won't get it. If you don't expect to get it, you will. ***
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