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Quartermaster's Enchantments explained

dnosrcdnosrc Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 115 Arc User
edited May 2016 in PvE Discussion
Here are some results of my tests on Quartermaster's Enchantments.


The Salvager's Enchantment was recently renamed to Quartermaster's Enchantment and the loot upgraded. For anyone who used Salvager's before the following should be nothing new:

Quartermaster's Enchantments give the chance to find a bag when dealing the deathblow to a foe. These bags spawn at your feet and need to be picked up. Additionally these bags come in different colours from white to 2 different types of purple bags. The colour of the bag depends on the level of the foe defeated. For most levels of foes there are 2 type of bags that can appear. Like the enchantment itself the bags were renamed too.
The enchantment has an internal cooldown of 30 sec: This means after you killed a foe and a bag appeared this wont happen again for the next 30 seconds.

Farming bags:

To farm bags it is not needed to go crazy into rank 12s. This is because the enchantment has the internal cooldown. You want to have a decent chance to quickly get a bag to drop when the enchantment is not on cooldown. I would advise 6+% here.

The loots from the bags:

There are two types of loot:
1) First is the loot that depends on the colour of the bag:
These loot has been retained from salvager's bags.
Examples: A ~30% chance at an unbound minor resonance stone for the highest bag (Spoils of War) or mostly green level 60 random gear for the "lower" purple bag (Abandoned Gear).

2) Now we come to the interesting part:
Secondly with the change from salvager's to quartermaster's all bags give 1 or 2 enchants/runestones too.
The rank of these enchants ONLY depends on cumulative %-chance on your Quartermaster's Enchantments when opening the bags.
This means 1) The colour of the bag is irrelevant and 2) you only need one set of high enchants that you use when opening the bags.
The highest tier of enchants is reached when you total 10.5% chance. (Actually it could be 10.25% but i didnt bother to test because 10.25% would be more exepnsive to achieve)
With 10.5% you get 5% chance at one rank 7, 35% chance at 2 rank 6 and 60% chance at 1 rank 6 roughly.
10.5% can be achieved with 4 rank 9 + 1 rank 10.
Sidenote: Waiting for a double enchant event will double that :-)
Additionaly bound peridots/white pearls/minor resonance stones and certain campaign currencies can drop.
For lower % up to roughly 7% there is a chance at bound green insignias.


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