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Let's See How Gravity Works

rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
edited December 2015 in Foundry Quest Database
Campaign: Let's See How Gravity Works
Quest: Let's See How Gravity Works - P1
Language: English
Code: NW-DP4FUWC79
Author: Rezuron
Time: Unknown / About 20-60 min.
Hey! Have you heard that there is Flying Mountain somewhere over the Sea? Isn't it bother you? This little pice of... rock has messed with Gravity!
Maybe someone should check what's going on! Do you agree? Then why not me! Wait... I'm the Author. Hmm... How about you? Are you interested? If so make a contact with White's Dwarven Company of Miners (WDCM). They are mining on this Flying Mountain. Isn't that strange? You have opportunity to investigate this and even more! Don't wait, just do it!
P.S. White is a surname of theirs Chief.
(*Wear your headphones!)
There is Explorer's event (5 Explorer's Mugs to find!), Real Choices, you can choose quests that you want to do and neglect others, Extra stuff you can play if you want to, 100% handmade maps, a little bit of humor and NPCs with real characters and problems.

Take a seat and play it! [Solo]


Ok, this adventure is about exploring and plot. You will have opportunity to choose quest you wanna do, rewards (in Foundry Objects), way you want to go and more. It's all about exploring and choosing.
In fact you can finish it without any fights. But you have chance to meet some "bad guys" and kick their asses. But not like 10 mobs and 100 mobs and final boss with 100000 mobs. Not this time!
And remember! Some options are avaliable just for specific class! So, if you are a Dungeoneer don't be sad that there is no more dialogue options for you. In fact there are some secrets JUST for you!

Few tips from author:
- Make sure you have 10+ slots in bags
- Read OCC stuff, it will help you!
- Explore everything!
- Try everything!
- Look for options, you don't have to do it by the book! There is always an alternative!
- Read what Miners say in their chat.


  • valcontar73valcontar73 Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    At the ship:

    When you need to move the barrels, they have the default name Wooden Barrel 01

    On second map, "mountain 2" I would change the name.

    It seems that most of the interactable objects have the default name, I would suggest you to change them, or at least erase the "01".

    With the Pax quest, there is a "hammering" annimation that maybe could suit better.

    Good use of triggers.

    Good job with all the map, but I'll add some more "nature" assets, they'll give the "rocky" map a bit more of color.

    I only found 2 mugs, but I ended down in the "Lower Platform" :smile: .

    NWS-DLXTNXRF2 - Angeline von Stein
    NWS-DOVA9JIJV - The Lost Seneschal
    NW-DT3221YUY - The Wildcross Bride

    Foundry Grand Master.
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    There is a lot of things that need name change.
    Details are on limit so... Foundry strikes again!
    You have entered lower platform? Some "bad textures" i guess?
    Thanks for advice with hammering thing, it's something!
    How about your feedback about gameplay, choices, characters?
    Thanks for playing!
  • valcontar73valcontar73 Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    edited December 2015
    Yep, I thought that the many rocky assets you used in the map, maybe you were close to the limit, it's all about balance.

    Yes, I entered the lower platform, first, I began to jump up and make the all the way around, then I ended up behind the invisible wall, so I could not return. I ended the foundry before and I was exploring, but then I was trapped there, so I began to explore the "not allowed" part of the map.

    There are some rocky assets with "colliders" that doesn't match with the object's mesh and you can go across them.

    I think that all the characters are very well done, I guess you take your time creating them and their stories.

    I'll try to not spoiler.

    The gameplay may be a bit boring for action based players, but I know you spend a lot of time and effort doing the quests and they are very imaginative, I laughed a lot with the "Pig" as I am a CW. As I said, very good use of triggers, very technical. I would like to see a bit of action, but I don't know how to put more action in this kind of foundry either.

    You (as a player) really need to pay attention with the choices, I think I lost one "trust token" trying to end a dialog "a bit fast".

    Good job!!
    NWS-DLXTNXRF2 - Angeline von Stein
    NWS-DOVA9JIJV - The Lost Seneschal
    NW-DT3221YUY - The Wildcross Bride

    Foundry Grand Master.
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    Now, when Foundry Review System is Up you can give me marks! Let's do it! I would really appreciate that! Really people, I'm serious, who knows when it will go Down for another 2 months?
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    Hell yeah!
    This Foundry has more than 5 reviews, so it's official - look for it in New Ones!
    Have a nice day and play some Foundry!

    I'm going to Update it in some days. Some people have sent me notes about bad things, bugs etc.
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    New Update (v1.5)
    It's quite small update, just for polish my Foundry.
    Some spelling, animations and labels.

    Have fun and play some Foundry!
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    New Update (v1.6)
    - Orange color in dialogue when there is an important choice.
    - Grammar fix
    - More details
    - No more cracks in floors
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    Few updates (it's v1.91)
    - Part 1 name changed to "Welcome to WDCM"
    - Some glitches and spellings fixed
    - A lot of "little things" have been moved/fixxed/deleted etc.
    - There is some changes in few dialogues

    About comming part 2:

    (If you don’t want to know more, you should don't read this)

    Eh... I will tell you because you've helped me.
    I'm hidding. I'm tired of these dwarfs, they judge your every step. I need to breate fresh air. If only we could end this Deal with Thay and go home.
    - Polo

    It was something about sunrise. Everyone on the Upper Platform was sleeping, but not me. I was awake because of my... bladder. Then it happened. Something jumped into camp, destroyed fireplace and one tent, grab some food, blankets and cloths, then run away. It was dark, I haven’t seen what it was, but it has gone into Thay's Camp. But I know one thing for sure, It was bigger than human. You should check path to The Thay's Camp.
    - Melvin

    I'm studying this wonderful plant. In past there was a dozen of this kind there. However they've been dying since sky is odd. I mean... for something like 100 yours years.
    It's last of that kind. And it will die soon.
    - J. Conrad

    Ippes is commander of our guards.
    In past he had been a great warrior till the time when he was flying on a griffin somewhere in the Estern Shaar. There was a Sandstorm. He was the only survivor. There was something like 24 other dwarfs with him. Friends, brothers, all of them have died in this Sandstrom. But not Ippes. He's been a different dwarf since that happened. However he is still in good shape. We trust him.
    - W. White

    Stay Tuned for Part 2
    It’s coming for you!

  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    - Some blending
    - Dialogues fix (spacebars)
    - First location (Underwater rocks)

    "Part 2: Three men in charge" is coming soon!

  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    The Part 2 is ready for you!

    Title: Part 2: Who is in charge here?
    Campaign: Let's see how gravity works
    Author: Rezuron

    You can find it in a Campaign "Let's see how gravity works" or as a single quest in New Ones.
    Have a nice time playing it.

    You can stick to the main quest or find something about dozen side quests! There are choices for you everywhere! Just try it today and make sure that you have played Part 1 before this one!

    (It's version 1.00 so there may be some bugs. I'm terribly sorry for them.)

  • valcontar73valcontar73 Member Posts: 337 Arc User
    The initial dialogs with M.White and Yddes need some review, there are some minor spelling mistakes.

    When you fight the Yeti, it seems that the ice giant and the yeti have incompatible skeletons/animations, so the Yeti does nothing at all. (It seems he's not fighting).

    When you talk with Cupbearer Oscar for dinner, option 3 has no description on the dialog.

    I'll be updating while I'm playing.
    NWS-DLXTNXRF2 - Angeline von Stein
    NWS-DOVA9JIJV - The Lost Seneschal
    NW-DT3221YUY - The Wildcross Bride

    Foundry Grand Master.
  • rezuron#1946 rezuron Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    I've recorded part 1 for you on YT -> https://youtu.be/-NFoMMIuhBc
    Thanks for watching and thanks for playing. Reviews always appreciated.
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