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Anyone Have Some Tanking Tips for Demogorgon

lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,103 Arc User
edited November 2015 in The Guard Barracks
Anyone got any tanking tips for the Demogorgon Skirmish?

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  • kemi1984kemi1984 Member Posts: 849 Arc User
    From what I've seen being there I do not see a lot of tanking that must be done - seriously.
    It may be different once we're starting to unlock the epic version.

    As for now, all we can do is marking the targets an buffing the team with ITF.
    I personally, go full defensive to max out the DR making ITF as powerful as possible.

    The 2nd phase could potentially be the thing for tanks. But the ugly guy jumps around like a grasshopper completely ignoring our marks and taunts. So again, to tanking needed here.
    Nancy - Dragonborn, SM Guardian Fighter
    A proud member of "mythical horde of DPS GFs"

    1). Is SW more dps or tank based?
    2). Yes. I am panzer!
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  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,103 Arc User
    Yeah . . . .at the moment I'm running KV, ITF and basically just spamming mark to try and group the mobs and keep them off the squishies and ITF whenever I can. Using Tide of Iron for more debuffs on anything I can catch. Once madness kicks in its hard to get to a sanity well to get ITF back. Cause I've got the lathander set, I'm actually happy to die every 90 secs or so as that resets madness, so not really blocking that much, just the main attacks.

  • jobsalotofworkjobsalotofwork Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 189 Arc User
    Tanking phase 1 you can.

    1 Aggro demogorgon drag him to a corner preferably near a well and keep him there.
    2 Pull mobs to the center and hold them use KV to keep your team up.

    Phase 2
    1 use kv to keep your team up. You can block the madness attack and the kv will keep people alive if they don't reach the well.

    Phase 3
    1 again absorb damage.

    Absorbing damage is more important then I thought initially. Alot of people are going on DPS toons and getting downed often enough that it's a problem. I only noticed it when I had to switch my DC to heal mode since everyone was going down - my DC being the only support toon in the group.
  • kilocyclekilocycle Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    The thing I see missing here (maybe because it is obvious). But Movement Speed is very important. Getting yourself and your party in and out of the sanity well is crucial. If you are tanking a mob, that speed burst makes it less likely they will follow you into a sanity well. If your party is running to a well, they aren't DPSing. So, less time spent running in and out of a well is important. And having your party stand in a well risks having the demons coming into that well and disabling it. The speed assists getting people into position during the 2nd phase boss charges (in which you have to aim him at a yellow well). "Into the Fray" has to be on your build, in fact it is great when you have two GFs alternating the use of that skill.
  • kemi1984kemi1984 Member Posts: 849 Arc User
    I actually wondered is it a good idea to use KV in eDemo - I'm using it anyway since it's a great mitigation skill.
    It's not easy to survive with KV up but one should not be afraid to die in a video game, right ? :)

    Demogorogon itself is really easy to kite, and in the 1st phase I'm always unsure should I group up the mobs in the middle or just go and play with the ugly dude.

    Little to tank in phase 2 IMO, ITF helps a lot with getting to the sanity well so it's wise to not spam it whenever it's ready.

    Phase 3 is just a simple tank and spank...again hard to survive with KV with so many damage floating around.
    But we're there to TAKE IT fu****ers ! B)
    Nancy - Dragonborn, SM Guardian Fighter
    A proud member of "mythical horde of DPS GFs"

    1). Is SW more dps or tank based?
    2). Yes. I am panzer!
    3). Get ACT if you want to celebrate your epeen.
    4). Horniness will not stand between me and what I believe - "MM"
  • lantern22lantern22 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,103 Arc User
    OK So far for me. . .

    Phase 1

    If im the only tank, im taking Demo to a corner / out of the way. Normally off to the side of the main sanity well so the AOE doesn't hit anyone else and I can clear insanity quickly and easily. If possible I'm still trying to buff with ITF. If there is another tank taking Demo, I'm following the group and marking / herding mobs and buffing. Note because Demo is immune to damage, you can't use fighters recovery to replenish HP unless you attack one of the other mobs.

    Phase 2

    I'm marking / debuffing Goro with Tide of Iron and letting off ITF when its time to get to the sanity well or time for everyone to line themselves up with the yellow portals (i.e. let it off as Goro is coming back to the middle)

    Phase 3
    Straight buff & debuff typical tank situation.

    All three phases I'm running KV, Lunging Strike, ITF, shield mastery and guarded assault. Lunging strike is particularly handy in getting from the sanity well to Goro in phase 2 to make sure you have time to line up the yellow portal.

  • jumpingmorksjumpingmorks Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 876 Arc User
    edited January 2016
    For me, if there is an OP I let them tank Demo as I have a high Defense and I'm better tasked buffing my group with ITF.

    When I'm tanking it depends on 2 things, am I getting any heals or am I not getting any heals.

    If healers are paying attention I can just tank eDemo to one side of the home well and let everyone else get on with the dps race.

    If no heals when I hit 60% health I pop Fighter's Recovery and Lunging Strike the nearest mob/mobs then go back to tanking Demo. If the mobs are dying before I get to them and I'm getting no heals, Demo comes with me to the portals.

    If there is still time on the clock and the healers are sitting and chatting in the home well while I'm getting slowly battered, when I bleed out, they're on their own, I'll respawn and wait to watch the entire cutscene just to make sure no one bugs Goristro.

    I never use KV on first phase, as soon as he uses his area stun power, I'm already very vulnerable. 2nd and 3rd phase I'll use KV.

    For the 3rd phase I'll generally try to lure him closer to home well. In a group that has HDPS, doesn't really matter if he comes or not, in a party with lower DPS you generally get the pugs dashing all the way to Demo generating as much hate as they can before dying and respawning so they can charge off while shouting "Bring him closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

    I use to mention before the 3rd phase started if they want Demo near Home Well let me lure him, takes 30 seconds, saves low dps groups a host of pain and misery. I also used to explain to the numnuts charging to their deaths and shouting "Bring him closer!!!!!!!" that Hate > Threat. In both cases I've stopped bothering and come up with the 2 rules of PUGS. 1, PUGS don't read, 2, PUGS don't care.

    If they want to charge into the sunset over and over and over, well they either have a lot of injury kits or VIP, good for them. If it's a pug run you take what you're given, if it's a bad run, then just scratch it as a bad run and move on, no point getting angry over a +5 ring that will never drop.

    I used to use 3xElemental Drowcraft, I use 1 piece now and I hardly notice the difference. I do not recommend more than 1 piece of Elemental Drowcraft, at least for GF and GWF. With GWF I can usually knock out 3 purple portals before needing the home well, with 1 piece it's 2 purple portals, it's not a game changer and the better stats I get from Elemental DF, at least for, suit my purposes better.

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